A former soldier of Britain Navy has discovered the man’s flying dress

At last a former soldier of Royal Marines of Britain Navy has discovered the man’s flying dress after a lot of research. He had been working for a long time to implement this dress. With the help of this flying dress, people can fly anywhere from one place to another. Anyone can buy this dress with a fixed price. Richard Browning discovered this flying dress. He is 39 years of old a former soldier of navy who left his current oil business to make this flying dress.

Any person can fly 30 miles per hour with the help of this dress as well as up to 22 thousand feet up to the top. This dress has made with 5 small jet engine. There are two jet engine attached in each hand side and one jet engine is located on the back side. Anyone can buy this dress with a fixed price of 450 thousand dollars. The flying dress can be found in the sell fridges department.

This flying dress just like as a science fiction movie of ‘Iron Man’. But Richard said that he did not made this flying dress in the imitation of that movie. But he also said that this dress is very similar to that movie. A fantasy is given in the movie, which he has shaped in reality.

The person who holds this dress must adhere to some rules. The training system is available for holding this dress. Now people will fly three to four minutes to hold this flying dress according to its fuel efficiency. But in future fuel efficiency can be increased that means people can be fly more time in the air.

Richard also said that this dress can be used for rescue operation, this can be useful in the military work in future, this flying dress can be used for various types of searches of disaster management.

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