Actual meaning of God? Human life is the only way to get salvation, Purify your soul

Do you believe in God? If you do then know the meaning of God is? 

According to their own religion, every human being worshiped Lord according to a shape from. But the actual meaning of God is;






Our body is prepared by the combination of these five elements. The one who takes birth also dies that is true. After death, the body gets dissolved in this five elements.

So, our body is a temple. Where the soul resides, which is a part of God. So when this body is destroyed, then at the same time our soul leaves our body.

Soul is always holy, but the need to purify them.

If you do not believe in God then that’s ok. But you always believe in yourself then everything will be there in it.

Fluctuations in the cycle of life will continue coming. And whatever is happening or will be happened in the future, it will all be for good that always keep in mind.

Never get hurt for not getting anything because neither will that thing be with you forever.

Nothing in this world is ours, nor were there ever, or neither will anything be ours. We came an empty handed & we will go an empty hand.

Look back, what you got in life, some people are also those who are not so fortunate.

We have been born from nature. So it is our duty to daily pray for everyone in this world remains good, healthy, safe & beautiful.

It’s your job to make nature beautiful. If you are a human then it is important to be humane in you.

Show the proper way to a stray person.

Loses & victories remain the same way in the game of life. But remember, never lose from your mind. Try again & again to achieved it but do not adopt any shortcuts.

Always respect all the human beings, loves animals, care everything in the world whatever comes in your way. Always help others as per your capabilities who needs  help from you. Because the holy soul who remain inside him is also inside you.

Always change your mind, because no human is bad, may be his behavior is bad, the way to do his work is wrong. So oppose his/her work, neither to that person. So, no one is wrong, only his thinking is wrong.

Life is a time cycle. In this, we act different kind of role each an every time to time. Sometimes Mother & Father, sometimes Brother & Sister, sometimes Friends or sometimes Husband & Wife, each one has different roles, those who hold each other’s hand & completed their time period, which is never remained for ever. Time to time, everything is lost. If someone becomes a brother in a birth, then in the next life, he becomes his son. In this birth, which is your enemy, maybe he was your best friend at any birth.

Your near or dear who is leaving this world, so never get hurt for anyone. Because her body dies only, not the soul. Which is get a new body again in some from of human or animals or any elements of life.

So, love everyone & everything in this world & care all the elements of the  nature.

God has given to us everything, if you are awaking your ‘Kundunili’ (The inner five elements circle of the body) power, then you will rise your power above the general human has.

According to his ‘karma’, someone has a doctor or engineer or business man or officer or accountant or helper or labor. But they are all human. So, according to your post, you are bigger then that person, but as a human, you all are same. So, always respect them. The rich man is that person, those who sited near you will never let the person feel small.

If you do not trust the soul then let’s soul as your mind. Everything that we think & which we try to do, there always comes a negative & a positive thought behind him. So, we have to accept only positive thought from it, that would be make a better world, so sorrow, no pain, no destroy, only remain respect, love, & care.

Only the human is the highest & best creature in this life cycle. Because only the human has the ability to have a good & bad sense. This sense are not present in the animals beings.

Do always ‘yoga’, keep your mind calm under any circumstances, always listen to your mind, do not feel bad about anyone, always learn to forgive others mistakes, always laugh & cool minded & keep others as well, always participate in creative work, learn how to adjust slightly in life, give love & respect to all. Because, born as a life of human is a only way to get a salvation from the cycle of life & death which will forever take you to God’s ultimate place. So always take the name of God in your lifetime. If you not believe in God, then believe yourself, believe your mind, thinking for goods of others, help others, love & care all the creations of nature, arrange food for  the animals & birds, respect others, always live for others, that’s would be the proper utilization of the whole power that’s given by God to us.

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