Beware of fraud Astrologers

Believing someone plays a major role in our life. Whether it is in religion or personal relationship or involvement. By believing in someone you only learn two things.

  1. A person for life or
  2. A lesson for life 

We believe in anything, without thinking such as any good promotion of any products or services. But there are some services that are connected directly with our hopes & lives. One of them has called ‘Astrology‘.

People of different cultures lives in our country. Everyone has their own religion & they believe in it from their heart. Since ancient times our country is a country of holy places & sages. Many great men have been born in our country, which is considered to be the son of God. All of them were busy in the welfare of human beings. They all had divine power, whoever came near, all his troubles would have been overcome.

Similarly, astrology is a calculation, those who decided on planetary position in their birth chart. And through this calculation, your past, present & future are calculate. And here people are deceived. I mean, it is not from all the astrologer, who gives good advice to the people. I say that from all the astrologer, who pretends with humans. Who is promoted to increase his/her business & pretends with people.

When you have a disease in your body then you go to the doctor. Similarly, an astrologer knows that you have any mental frustration. Every person has a mental problem according to his/her age. For example, what can be the problem of a child? Maybe there is no concentration in his studies, maybe his mind can be fickle, exam result is not came good, tension of the parents for their children about stream choosing that will be good for establing his/her carrier.

You are the parents, so according to this manner you will do better counseling  about your children which will be better. If no attention in studies then let him wake up the interest about the books, if have any mental tension then take him outside for short tour or movie or park, the subject which likes to read & interesting matter of him/her, let him choose that stream for future studies, if your child is persistent, then its cause is you, because when your child demands something, you give it to you immediately. 

There is lot’s of problem between husband & wife in the relationship. Some common problem is that illicit relation whenever someone comes inside their relationship, tension in both & everyday quarrels, lack of confidence. So, all the problem is created problems that both of you are responsible for all this problem. Adjust both slightly according to the situation, believe one another so that the situation of any doubt is not born, spend every little happiness of life together, give time to your partner & family, sometime goes outside in a short trip or movie, maintain physical & mental relationships in both. Trust yourself, & there is no need to go to any astrologer for all of this.

Just like a monsoon changes, life will fluctuate, the days start after the end of the night, like the planet changes its position, in the same way, both happiness and misery continue to come in life. Wake up the consciousness of your mind, thousands of problems will come throughout life that will be faced & solved by yourself, not any third person.

Suppose any astrologist should tell the problem of injury to your leg, that would be happen earlier & recommended for gems stone to avoid it. But if you not hold that stone, if an accident occurs during that time, you will think that all is happens due to not wearing the stone. We humans think too much about any of small things. And there are some things of life that are negative, which forces us in our mind to think more. And due to this concern, your mind becomes driven, & when your mind driven, you can’t concentrate any one work & that is why accident has occurred. So, fraud astrologer takes advantage of this. Let’s assume that you have taken a stone according to the advice of the astrologer. Even after a small accident or leg injury occurred in that duration, then this matter will be going on in your mind that because of holding this stone, a little bit leg injury has come in the way, otherwise it’s may be occurred a big injury. So, all is brain game, the advantage of which the fraud astrologer takes.

According to the remedies, if any astrologer gives advised to wearing any stone, then how you found a genuine stone from market place or from astrologers. Speak frankly, are you expert on it? If provide by your astrologer, so how much of it’s genuinity? If you say on ‘believe’, then i told that you are wrong & only wast your money. If the product has comes with GSI certified documents, then i would say that what will be the guaranteed that this Gems Stone verify by GSI, where you gets able to create all the false documents today’s date. Even if you purchase a gems stone & want to go GSI to verify it, then it is unable to process only one gems stone that would be verify near you under the custody of GSI.

Some common facts about Astrologers like that;

  1. No any astrologer ever speaks to anyone that there is no planetary problem in his/her birth chat.
  2. For remedies, maximum parentage of astrologer given advice for wearing Gems stone or organised a worship.
  3. All the astrologer said that do not come to me, go to another good astrologer. (for get a attention from your end).
  4. Astrologers always said that take a stone or related things from them. Otherwise you may have a fraud. (But the truth is that you are getting frustrated by his/her talk).
  5. Astrologer always driven your mind & given remedies for a certain time & doing a lots of worship in different holy places. They always told that after a certain periods it’s required to change your remedies. (It’s happened because, they wants to make you as a permanent customer).
  6. Any astrological program when live telecast happens in the television or media that takes call from the public to tell their problem that will be solved by that astrologer, then you will noticed two things that all the phone calls come in between tele conversation that says like ”you have done many types to improve my life”, ” because of you i am here today”, ” my life has improved & changed by holding your remedy”, ” what you say that exactly happens to my life”. (This happens because of paid customers that are fixed during the session), & the another things that you have noticed that no any negative phone calls has received during program about this astrologer. (The reason is that during live telecast, when a phone calls has comes from the public ends, first it goes to channel control room & the controller received the call first & taken all the private information from the public & asking for the reason of calls. If any negative issue have occurred, then the phone disconnected by the controller immediately. 

If any person has something special power by which people getting benefit, so it is not necessary for them to run a paid television program that’s puts Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 40000/- (amount may differ as per channel popularity, this is for as an example) for per hour or half an hour basis. For that do not need any ad or banner at all for promotion. If you have some special power that will be promote by the people automatically.

I want to say it to all the fraud astrologer that first you think of yourself, after that , will give advised to others. Neither confuse the people or pretends with humans. We will request all the right & respected astrologers that come on in the campaign about all these things who does business with the name of astrology. And i will request to all the people that wake up your consciousness, God has given you everything, life will continue to fluctuate, up & down will remains in life, so think of each situation to solve it, not worried about it. And as far as the matter of the planetary effect is concerned, what is the benefit of thinking of that is not in your hand? Think of what that have in your hand. 

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