Can we see Souls or connect with them & have any existence outside the living WORLD? The journey of the Soul after leaving a body

Our body have made by five elements or it’s called ‘PANCHTATVA’. The five elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether. Through of this five elements we are living our human experience with a perfect body, mind & sprite. Our human body made of almost 72% of water, whatever we have taken food that has also be formed 70% of water, whenever we have eating food that is almost 90% of water, even our earth made by 70% of water in the 3:1 ratio between water & land. So, what we eat is converted into water form & this fluid makes our body nourish. Another 12% is earth where we are leaving with our physical body along with our sprite. Another 6% is Air where we can take breath, another 4% is fire & the rest 6% is empty space where we can grow of our spiritual development to know the universe means the actual world through meditation or yoga to know the ‘Param Brahma’. To see the reality that who i am & that is the only way to being living as a human body that is ‘Brahma’ & mind along with inner sprite that control our Consciousness & awareness.

When we are living in this earth with our physical body & mind then we have required this five elements but when our soul exit from our physical body at the time of death of the physical body then only three element that is Air, Fire & Ether has only existence to made a ‘Subtle Body’ & the soul exist into it. Then they know the ‘Brahma’, then they are free from all these bondage of living physical life that is Greed, Happiness & Sorrow, Emotions, Demands, & Delusion. Who left us, we can not see them or talk to them. But all those sprite can see us all. Their world is completely different where only absolute joy prevails but they can not let us know about this experience.

The soul never die & they never attacks us at all. Soul always bless us all. Our closed one who leaves us from this world, whenever any calamity comes upon us then they tries to awaken our consciousness through come into our dreams or sometime given any sign but sometimes we can understand it or sometime not. Because physically they can never have any kind of contact with us.

Even after death, our dear once sometimes do not leave us due to very much of the closed attachment with us. So all those souls after getting the Subtle body, they remains with us in this world. At this stage they lives in ‘Praet Joni’ (Phantom Vagina) & as long as they lived their physical life span was. So in the life of a human according to his ‘Karma’ (Good or Bad Work), their soul exist in the difference stage from one to seven. The souls who do not get salvation according to their work at the time when they were gets physical any body form as well as after died they could not be free from any delusion of our human world, basically they remains to the first or second stage & this is the stage where a soul gets an another body to born again from exit one body & goes to another body in any life form & connected in our world to express himself. It may also happen that after leaving one body to wait for several years to getting a new body. But according to their good or bad karma during their life span when a soul gets free from any human or life bondage, then the soul goes & gets to the upper & upper stage from three to four, then four to five & at last six to seven stage where in the seven stage they gets the ultimate joy of the real world where we all will reach once a time after death & meet with our dear & near one who have exist in that stage in form of ‘Pritti Lok’ (Where our soul of ancestor lives on). Souls are not reborn in the above stage, they becomes free from the bondage the circle of birth & death.

So always try to do good work in your lifetime. In the current era, people go far & wide to earn money by leaving their family. Through the money you can find world happiness which is not true. Nobody have love one to each other in between our families, relatives, friends, Spouse, Husband, Father-Mother, Brother & Sister in any relationship which is totally false in this our present world. We don’t live each other, we make just a emotion for strong our attachment & involvement. Maybe someone is your brother at this birth, maybe he would be in a another relationship in the next life. If someone our near & dear one leaves us & goes away then we do maximum 10 to 20 days on behalf of their memorandum, after that we forgotten all the things & there after life goes as normal as it is.

In real life, we forget that everything is what we actually. Human life is the best life for consciousness awakens. In this life, we get plenty of positive energy to achieved the ultimate joy that is called ‘ SAT CHIT ANAND’ (For every time – For ever- Only gets Ultimate Joy) that can’t be explained by us. Human birth is the only birth where we can meet & get the ultimate Creators, its divine ultimate light can be contained with it. Then there is nothing more to seek in life.

If you want to go this stage to remain from your present life, that it only possible through growing & developing your spiritual mind by meditation & yoga. Through this you can awaking your seven inner body ‘Chakras’ called ‘Kundalini Shakti’ (Primal Energy) which will charged our main three nadi means spine of our body that activated our seven inner circles rise up from the ‘Muladhara Chakra’, through the Central nadi called ‘Sushumna’ inside or alongside the spine reaching the top of the head up to ‘Sahasrara Chakra’.

Several yogis consider that Kundalini Shakti can be awakened by ‘Shaktipat’ means a spiritual transmission by a Guru or teacher, or by spiritual practices like yoga or meditation or breath practice called ‘Pranayama’. You may awaking it by Mantra, Tantra, & Yantra.

The seven chakras as follows,

1) Muladhara.

2) Svadhishthana.

3) Manipura.

4) Anahata.

5) Vishuddha.

6) Ajna.

7) Sahasrara. 

The way to awaken the ‘Chakras’ is towards the bottom means 1st to 7th (Bottom to top of the body). All of this, one chakra out of the seven chakras ramains activated in our body that is called ‘Muladhara‘ that have been situated down site in the place of our private organ in our body.

If you awaken these seven chakras then you will get that ultimate joy of the universe, after awaken this there will be nothing to get in your life. Everything from this universe you will have gained knowledge. What we see with our eyes that looks at the 3d dimension. But scientific research shows that there has lot of dimension that has discussed already. When all our chakras will awaken then we can travel to another world, we can see spirits. We can talk with him. We exit our soul from our body & can travel to anywhere. Our speaking & listening power will increased, we can read the mind of others by looking them.

You may try to activate to your ‘Kundalini Shakti’ from a right Guru or teacher or yogis who already awaken their seven chakras via ‘Shaktipat’ or Meditation or Yoga. Because when you awaken this seven circles then your body energy will increased a lot that could not be controlled by you & that energy may be driven you to a positive or a negative site, so, only a proper Guru can only be controlled to you & your power, other wise you may go for die. So, do not try it along.

You also through Astro Travel, can travel to another world. The process is that first of all, lie down in bed with your body in bed- keep your eyes closed & focus on your breath- lose your body- try to not listen to any outside voices at that time- keep your mind alive & awake- leave your body asleep only- you have to try everyday- it will take time & only option to practice it regularly- if you done correctly- then it will take not more then 20 minutes to vibrate your body when you feel that you soul try to get out from your body & its rising upwards & you will see your own physical body. In this process you can travel where you want to go. You may travel five to seven hours anywhere to the universe but actually you may travel only 5 minutes in your physical world. But keep in mind that in this process you only keep your mind awake that required several time to practice it. By doing this process you can see the soul of other world & listen the sound of this would.

You may try to other process by doing this- lie down in bed with your body in bed- keep your eyes closed & focus on your breath- close your ear by your finger – you may do this practice continuously until you may listen any sound inside you – the sound will made by without touching any things or object inside from your body that will remove all the illness from your body after listened it. The meaning of sound i can’t described to you.

We have not loved of our near or dear one who leaves this world & go away to an another word of their, we just try to keep emotionally attached with them keeping their picture, to remind them & cry from them that spread the negative energy to their soul & interrupted their journey to the upper stage where they will gets unlimited joy & happiness & absolute peace. Because the negative energy made more attention of the soul that have always attached to you. So, if you love your closed one that after death try avoid all that activities what you have create always. So, try to love them & do prayer for his peace.

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