Complete registration & buying process of a new private domain (.com) for WordPress hosting with GoDaddy using Wallets-Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking

If you want to purchase a good domain like .com .in .org, i personally suggest go for registering with GoDaddy or Bluehost for getting a good quality domain & hosting for one one click WordPress installation from C-panel. If you have first time want a buy a domain then you have required to register with all the domain provider sites. Filled some personal information simply by filling the form that is totally free.

You may also get a free coupon regarding to your purchase, if you have a new user then in the payment section there has a option for entering a coupon only for first year. You just search on GoDaddy product coupon on purchase then you get a lots of coupon for first time purchasing of a domain or hosting, or ssl. security etc. for getting discount on such price. 1st time customer also get at very low cost domain (.com) at only Rs. 99/- for first year, after that at the renewal time you have to pay the full amount but when you renewal domain or hosting, at those time you will get lots of discount on such product.

I am very happy to take a domain & hosting with GoDaddy due to all time you have getting server up-time very fast & active as well as 24/7 customer care support team that they have solved all your problem or needs.







After registration, go to sign in option & enter your account by providing register e-main & password.

The next step is finding your preferred domain name, one thing keep in mind that domain name is unique means once taken then you will not get the same. For example, if you find a name, but it shows that it already has taken, so, in that case either you choose a  or .in  or any extension if that also be empty, otherwise you have only one option to buy those domain from the owner if they set for sell of this domain. Otherwise you will find a different which is empty one.

Always keep in mind that always domain name choose according to your business type or blog related topic that in future it will be better for SEO, when people search on the web.





Here i will go for purchase a domain according to my needs, so after that if the domain name exist then it will shown that your domain is available. So go for add to cart & continue with cart…







You may choose a privacy protection plan that is shown on the web in the different address instead of actual one which you have provided. But when you add this plan then you must have spent some extra money as per your service duration. Otherwise you may choose ‘No Thanks’ option to ahead the process…

You may choose a plan to create an email address that matches your domain at a very low cost.







In the payment gateway option you may choose your country, select your payment option like Debit or Credit Card option or net banking. But you may choose a wallet option that would be more secure. So, we have made a payment for this domain with ‘Wallet’ option. You may as per you preferred.








After select wallet option, you have ‘edit’ option beside wallet to the next step.








Move for the next step by clicking the ‘complete purchasing’ option.






Click on ‘wallet’ option again…& click on make payment option…







Choose your preferred wallet option from drop down list, here i have choose ‘paytm’ option…






Next, log in with your Paytm option…






Provide your mobile no. & put your OTP for entering your Paytm wallet account.





Here you have seen that my existing paytm wallet amount, total deductible amount & at last go for ‘pay now’ option.

After doing the purchase procedure complete successfully, go to your GoDaddy account dashboard, & select ‘my product’ option & you have seen your domain has shown on the list. Now you a required a hosting for buying.

I will preferred to purchase a share Linux & shared hosting for first time that would be very cheap option by choosing a starter package option. After growing your business you may choose a different plan by updating anytime that i will discuss it later to the different article. You may choose hosting from other hosting provider like Bluehost or Bigrock. You may transferred domain or hosting from one to another domain or hosting provider location anytime. Always compare with all the hosting provider plan at the first time or at the time of renewal before buy.

Note: At the time final payment gateway page, look carefully on the amount that has been matched or not according on your purchase. If amount value has increased that checked the year of the domain purchase plan, some time by default it takes 3 years, so if you have a plan for one year then change the duration.

Sometime many other service may included with your domain plan. So check out all other plan that you will not been preferred to adding with purchase.

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