Discovered Cancer Vaccine, no human will die now

Discovered cancer vaccine. Many people will live this time. Finally breathing comfort. Until now there was no vaccine or medicine of cancer. Which was that is ‘Chemo Therapy’. If is caught in the first place of anyone, only then had the hope of saving him/her through Chemo Therapy. There was no hope that chemo therapy should be done right as well as it was very costly. But this vaccine can bring cancer patients back from the last stage. The vaccine has been discovered by a small scientific team in Cuba. Cancer patients from this vaccine perfectly can be able to eliminate cancer from his/her body. Already more then 4000 people have been relieved from cancer through this vaccine. The price of this vaccine is reliable of the middle class people.

The scientific community praised them with dignity for the wonderful discovery by the Cuban scientists. After applying this vaccine, cancer cells are completely extinct. Cuban scientists have said that Breast, Uterus, Prostate cancer will recover completely by the vaccine effect. Since this vaccine has been discovered in Cuba, So Cuban people who affected by cancer will be get it completely free.

Those who want to get these medicines outside of Cuba, contact the following address;


Check this fact before purchasing this vaccine.

Consult an experienced doctor before purchasing this vaccine.

Consult an experienced person to prove the fact that this vaccine will really work.

Collect all the information about the companies who sell this vaccine before purchasing.

We only shared information about this for the benefit of the people who suffered from cancer. But before collecting this vaccine, verify all the information about it first.


Laabiofame Company of EscoZul:-

Address: 16 1/2 Boyeros, Santiago de las

Vegas, Havana, Cuba

Telephone no : +53 683 3188/683 2151,

Fax no : 683 2151,

Dr. Verges radiologist and Niudis

Cruz :- Phone: 537 683 0924

Another Address:

National center of health

Dr. Jose Andres Lopez Losada,

Phone no. : +5378322202,

Health Tourism: Calle 230 entre 15A and 17, Siboney, Havana, Cuba.

Telephone no: +53 7 33-7198 y +53 7 33-7199.

Another Address:

National institute of of oncology

InstitutoNacional de Oncologia y Radiobiologia- INOR,

Address: Calle 29, esq. F, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba.

Telephone no: (537) 8325865, (537) 8382576, (537) 8382578, (537) 8375440.

Fax no: (537) 8382593,


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