Does the soul exist after death? Is there a second world after death? Can a soul perform physical attacks? The secret of life & death

You all have the same question that what happens after death? Does the soul really exist after death?

So every person in this subject has a different views. Someone believes in God and someone do not believe this. So why the people says that he/she went away after death? Why does not people says that he or she died? When the doctor does not have any hope to recovered their patient, then why they said that keep faith in God.

Right now, even science has started to believe that after death, there is an existence of soul too. When the soul lives inside the body then the body remains alive. At that time, happiness, sorrow, misery, love, hate everything is filled inside that body. If someone gets everything in life, then there is a person’s incomplete desire.

Birth & death is not of the soul, it is immortal. Who travels in the other body of leaving one body. Soul is pure, when the end time has come of the body, at that time the soul leaving the body. The soul of the person remains 13 days in his/her house who dies. When the body dies, then its soul does not understand that why the relatives of his/her are crying surrounding the body. This happens because his/her soul gets a ‘Subtle Body’ which remains in his/her house of that time. Even after death, the difference between life & death can not be understood by the soul for some days.

Until the time of death, the person whose will is not fulfilled in his lifetime, or if a person at the time of his/her death not to willing to leave from his/her love once, then the soul of that person stays in the first or second stage. And those souls have to be born again & again. Being born in a human vagina is the highest level of birth. According to man’s life-time karma, his next birth is happens. Once the soul gets a human body, then it is not true that the next time this soul gets a new body of human. In the time of death, the person who thought about his/her loves one that may also be born in that vagina in his/her next born. Similarly, the game of 84 million vaginal birth & deaths continues of a soul of this stage. If some hope of that person is incomplete in the time of dying then it may be that his soul has to take more then one birth to fulfill those hopes.

The highest level of the soul  is 7th stage. The person who has done God’s name in all his lifetime, the person who has not done bad deeds with anyone in his/her lifetime, the person who remembered God’s name once in the time of dying, the person who has got everything in his lifetime & there is no desire to get anything else in life that person’s soul gets the level of 5th to 7th stages depending the types of this ‘karma’ of his/her entire life span. The souls staying in these levels never born in any form. The soul of this stage is forever free from this game of life & death.

Does the soul harm someone? Can a soul take revenge on someone? Can a soul perform physical attacks?

The soul lives in other world. When a soul remain into the body, then there is a desire remained to get something or there is some impulse remained in it. But when the soul leaves the body, then the soul becomes free from the bondage of life & death. Soul can not touch anyone in our would, not able to harm or do any physical attacks. Because there is a separate world created by God. Nothing can happen without their permission. That world has a different rule.

In this matter different types of opinion placed by the people who have researched on paranormal activities. With the help of some latest equipment, that showing the high magnetic field or high negative energy or caught sound of very low frequency, when they are visit in some paranormal places.

With the help of modern science as well as according to the opinion of the paranormal researcher;

The soul can express their presence through the electrical waves.

Its presence will appears to be sudden cold (drop temp.) or hot (up temp.) feelings into the atmosphere.

There is a right time to high presence of the negative energy is between 1.00 A.M to 3.00 A.M.

If there is any chair into the house then keep fold it to the mid-night. Because the soul sits on it.

If you walk in the way & found similarities of some person’s activities or similarities with his/her face who have closed in your family & recently died, means they have expressed of their presence in your mind.

Who have researches related to all these topics, according to his/her opinion, our soul meet with the soul who leaves the body & staying in any stage out of their higher stage through our highest level of dreams. When we have fallen into dream then we sometimes see the person or talk with this person or doing some activity with this person inside our dreams, who left the world & went away, occasionally we see some places where we have never visited before. If such an activity has happened in our dreams means our soul meets with others souls who have already left our would. Whenever you go to a new place & seeing that place seems to know you already seen it before means you soul already visited this place. Its only happened when we are sleeping in depth position & fallen into depth with our dreams.

This happens even when a person awakens ‘The power of Kundalini’, called awaking the inner five element of the body, then they divert their soul from their body to any place & able to return into the body. Sometimes it has been seen too that who has awakened the kundalini means the inner power of five elements of the body, that person when leaves their soul from his body, can’t able to return again.

And it is possible only when the third eye position will be opened means in the four head & the center position of the two eye point area will be opened by anyone, those person have to able to seen all the activities & listen all the sound which generally not able to seen by our normal eye & ear.

In the animal, this position of the dog remains open from the beginning from their birth. But man has to wake up this third eye position through yoga.

If you want to contact any soul then you have a option called ‘Ouija Board’ (Ghost calling board), that contains A to Z letter & 0-9 numeric numbers & a planchette for communicating with spirits. But before using it, first read all the rules of the board carefully such as required more then one people for better energy, using candle in the dark room, don’t try it in your home, say ‘goodbye’ before leaving the communication with spirit through Ouija board, after end the communication leave the planchette & Ouija board separately & the most important things it that when you calling a spirit of a person, first check whether the soul of the person you are calling is coming or not.

Because during this process sometimes comes a bad spirit which will be very dangerous for mediator. Basically when you calling a soul of the person who stays in 5th or 6th stage, so, in this case required a very depth concentration of the mediator for calling those spirit. But the problem is that when mediator calling a soul who came from higher stage to lower stage, it is always seen in that the 1st or 2nd stages bad spirit has come always into the planchette process that do not want to leave the mediator, and the actual soul waiting for communicate with the mediator that will be very harmful & many times mediator has also died in that situation.

So do not try it, if you have not sufficient knowledge about it.

There are so many debates about this topic that, is there a second world after death, where a soul meets with another soul. Where there is no religion, not one enemy of each other, where anyone can meets someone & can talk, where peace prevails. Somewhere the person says that we choose our own parents & after that born in the earth. This secret of life’s – death still remains a secret. Research is still on about it but nowhere else happens to all of us that happens only for good. The truth between life – death & the secret of the creation is still unknown to us except God.

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