Earn money with best WP Plugin free with creating a Online Shop to selling own or Affiliate product’s or making a discount Coupon code professional website

You may easily sell your affiliate product’s through social sites by providing affiliate link. But today i will discuss about how you will create a free professional looking Online Shopping centre where you may sell your own product as well as your affiliate product freely & very easy process. But you must have a website. So, first buy a domain name & a host server for your business.

If you have a website then you may earn money very easily in just two way…

  1. Create a Online Shopping or Discount Coupon Offer website & sell your own or affiliate product & earn commission or earn direct profit if your own product.
  2. As well as create a blog site in the same website & monetize your website through Google Adsense  Ads or Media.net ads.

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How can you earn money by affiliate marketing?

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I am using a plugin in my website to see how to make a online store for product selling. It is a very easy process & absolutely free plugin that make a product or coupon listing with category wise within a few second.

First log in with your WP admin panel, find a new plugin as follows,







Type on search: ‘Shop Page WP’, first install & then activate the plugin.

After installation, go to plugin ‘setting’ option to set as your requirement as follows,










After that go to categories option in this plugin & set your product or Coupon categories…

For example, we have making three categories as follows,

1) Online discount coupon.

2) Online shopping discount.

3) Online shopping offers.











You have to required to use a short code by creating a page for each categories & one additional page to make a contain of all those three categories for listing all product in same page.







Now create a page named ‘Online discount coupon’, & past the short code on the post page as follows,







Same as a above create an another page named,  ‘Online shopping discount’ past the short code on the post page as follows,







Create the third page named ‘Online shopping offers’ past the short code on the post page as follows,







Here you have noticed that all the short code has the same but the only change is that the text within single quotation (‘ ‘).

[Shop-page-wp category=’ ‘]

Within single quotation whatever you have wrote your product or coupon category name will be the same case sensitive & type as wrote on your page title.

After past the short code in the every page, you have to mention the product category & then finally publish the each page.

Now after created all the three page as per my coupon category, i have create a new page named ‘Online discount coupon offer’ & in the post page, i have past all the three short codes in this post page area that i previously make as coupon category wise for listing all the coupon categories in the same page as follows,









After doing this finally publish this page. Here i have copied the permalink as well as the title of the page of ‘Online discount coupon offer’ & then go to the ‘Appearance’ option, then select & click on ‘Menus’ option as follows,







Under the ‘Menus’ section in a primary menu option select the ‘Custom Links’ & past the permalink in the ‘URL’ area as well as past the page title at the ‘Link Text’ area & last click on ‘Add to menu’ option & ‘save’ the page as follows,






After creating the ‘Menu’ page, you will see the effect on your home page as follows,








Now you have required to add the product or coupon offer that will be listed automatically with the help of this plugin. So click on ‘Add new product’ under the Shop Page WP plugin option.

After opened the product adding page, here i am adding discount coupon, promo code, offers by promoting the affiliate product in category wise, you may also choose a affiliate or your own product as follows,







Here you give a product title, product link, description & required a display image. At the end you have a must select a category from the right panel of the page the you made earlier. If you not do it then under which category the product will be listed & display will not showing.

Now open a affiliate website from where you have registered the membership program, & get the coupon code or product link from any category, here i am logged in with my Banggood  affiliate site & get the code as per my require.







After copied the coupon code i have return back to my ‘Add new product’ page, & past my affiliate link at the url section, give the title & coupon code with valid date into the description box, select a display image as well as category from which category the item will display & at last publish the page.








You may select any affiliate product code as follows,







You will do the same process continuously when adding a new product, & the product or coupon display  in your page as follows,






















All the product category pages will display in the main page where i have past all three short codes in one page & create a menu list for displaying on my website.

Note: If you want to sell your own product then you get a membership with Amazon, Flipkart & with many online store where you sell your own product through those online store as well as if you registered with affiliate program of same site store, then you also received commission when any sell will occurred from your website, you will get double profit. First from your affiliate sales commission & the second is your own product selling of your affiliate website where you get the profit amount by selling your own product.

If you want to sell your own product with the help this plugin then you have required add an another payment gateway option to installed for money transaction like paypal, Credit/ Debit card & bank option or you have to pay for buy like Woo Commerce professional WP Plugin to get the complete package.

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