Free convert website into a complete native professional Android Apps (.Apk) without coding & earn money with Google AdMob Ads.

Today we will show you how to free convert your website or any website, blog, Facebook page, you tube channel video’s to an Android App (.apk) within 5 minutes without coding. And that’s should be a complete native app with professional looks. In which you can add your google AdMob ads unit by appending with your android application.

First of all yoy will have to register in the google AdMob account. If you already have a Google Adsense account , then using the same Adsense account email ID for sign up to AdMob that you can gets to easy setup & easy approval within a minutes.

Here is the link =>    Google AdMob






1) After registering, sign into your AdMob account.

2) After that the first thing you need to do is create an Ads unit.






3) Under ‘Ad unit’ section, first click on ‘ADD AD UNIT’, where you can create some ad unit code for your .Apk application. There are three type of ad unit -> A> Banner AD, B> Interstitial AD, C> & Rewarded AD.






4) After creation successfully all the three types of ads that would be remain into the ad unit section listed as shown on the above picture. Just copy the ad code from the each separated ads. You can click on the created ad units or click on copy link tab under the ‘Ad unit ID’. At last insert each an every Ad code as per your requirement when you are build your .apk apps.






5) You will need to open an account with a Google Analytics account where you will have to register & give your website details. So first register & collect your Analytics ID. You can insert the google analytics ID in the time you create your Android App. So that google can track how much traffic often your application & website is being views in which country.

Here is the link =>   Google Analytics

If you completed all the above mention task, then follow the next step as follows;

6) Go to the App.Yet site

Here is the link =>  App.Yet






7) First time you have to required ‘Sign Up’ using your email ID & password. After registered Logged in first.






8) Give your application name.

9) Leave the package name box that would be generated automatically.

10) Select template as ‘blank’.

11) Click on ‘Create App’ bottom.






11) Select the ‘General’ tab.

12) Application name & version will appeared automatically.

13) Choose your application icon file that would be 192 px * 192 px. So before create your .apk process, create your app icon first as per mention measurement above. Then uploaded it.

14) Then upload a header image into this segment.

15) Select content rating as ‘Every One’. If your content of the apps is suitable for all age’s people.

16) Click on ‘Save changes’ bottom.






17) Select the ‘Module’ Section.

18) Remove the ‘Feed Query – last 24 hours’ section by clicking the ‘Details’ tag as shows top right corner of the above picture.






19) Click on ‘General’ tab, scroll the page down & choose the ‘Remove this module’ option.






20) After remove the module, create a new module under ‘Module’ section.

21) For create a new module, click on ‘Go to the new module’ option.

22) Select the ‘Feed- WordPress’ option, if you want to convert your WordPress website or blog into an Android Apps.






23) Go to your website & copy the link address of your blog or web page.





24) After clicking on ‘Feed- WordPress’ tab, a new window will appear, where select the ‘Modules’ option .

25) Select a menu name.

26) And the ‘website url link’, which one you have to copied earlier, past the link into the ‘WordPress-url’ section.






27) After url link submission, save it & back to the main ‘Module’ option & see a new module feeds has added into the ‘Modules’ section.






28) Set the theme type, language, sync interval, new articles open module as per your requirements & save the page, along with that put your Google Analytics ID into the last of the above showing page for better tracking which you have already created.






29) Now the main features has come in this section for monetize your AdMob Ads into your android app.

30) So, go to the ‘Monetize’ tab, & select the ‘AdMob’ option from the list.

31) Paste the AdMob banner ad code whatever you have been already created at the beginning as well as paste the another Interstitial AD code into this field.

32) You have a option to set the ‘Interstitial AD’ display time interval.

33) Save changes the page.






34) Now you are ready for make your first new android app.

35) Go to the ‘Build’ section & click on ‘Submit to build’ option.

36) After 30 to 40 second, your application will be ready for download.

37) So, download the .Apk package within 24 hours from this website.

You have to select a paid version .apk build module for getting more tools from this website.

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