How can you earn money by affiliate marketing?

Today we will tell you how much you can earn money through affiliate marketing. But before that you know what affiliate marketing is actually?

Affiliate marketing means promoting others products in your site. If the product is sale through your promotion, then you will get commission from it. Your commission depends on each product category. In which you will not have to spend any money. If you have a large group of social site like Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, Google plus, Twitter, YouTube channel, Website then you can not imagine how much you can earn every day. But you have to take care of one thing that the product you are promoting is genuine & good quality.  Always promote that product only which you have already used or to see the positive review of the product by user review. Because it increases trust of your viewers. If you have promoted an incorrect product to your audience and anybody buys this product, in this way you have lost the faith of your viewers. First time you will be able to sell but you will not have a product sell from next time.

So let’s see how to sell the product of others? Where you will sell them? How do you get commission?

There are many companies who want to promote their product. By the way, the company has a lot of options to promote their product. But all those companies give this option to all of us. Because we all are connected to all the social network with our friends & relative. And because of this, the chances of getting the companies product sell remain high.

There is a lot of companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Banggood, Clickbank etc. that’s given offered to us for promoting their product by Affiliate Marketing. Where you get commission according to the product selling category, on every sale. A unique code of your account attached on every product link when you have share this link for product promoting. When viewers click on this product link & go to their site & make some purchase then you will get commission. Commission amount stored into your affiliate account & after cross the min. withdrawn amount, you will able to transferred this earning amount to your bank or paypal account.

So let’s see how you will join the affiliate marketing program & how will you promote the product?

So first of all you will have to register to the affiliate website of that company & given some information about you & upload some documents like pan card for TDS deduction on your earning, given some information of your bank details for your affiliate income transferred to your bank account. Some companies have a option of Paypal.

If you want to join Amazon Affiliate then 1st go to your search engine & type ‘Amazon Associate Program’. You will seen the affiliate website of amazon has appeared. Now click on the link

or click here: Amazon Associates Program





Go to the account registration section, where you click on free join if first time & filled the form as per requirement, give a store name, your contact info, bank details, pan card details, create user name, password, attached with your website. You can modify it later.

Note: You must enter a store name like abcd 25-17, it is mandatory.

You have must require to submit your website associate with this account, it is mandatory. If you do not have a website, then provide your facebook or twitter or google plus link URL .






After registration, logged in 1st, go to account setting & here you can modify all your setting.






After setting all, click on ‘Product Linking’ option, here you will found the sub menu option, click on ‘product link’ or ‘banner’ , as per your promotion medium. If you want to link a banner ad on your website, then go to the banner section & select any banner. Otherwise you may choose the ‘product linking’ option.






Now you will select a product category, give a name of the product which you want to promote.






After select the name of the product, you will seen that the list of that product will appeared in various price range according to the offer included with this product. Click on the ‘Down Arrow’ symbol beside the ‘Get Link’ option of that product which will you want to promote.






After click on that you will get the product link which will be attached with your associate account. Now you have shorten this link by clicking ‘shorten link’ option.






After shorten the link, copy it & past to your website where you post some articles related to this product or past to your facebook group/ facebook page/tag to your friends or past on google+/ twitter/Whatsapp group or if you have a youtube creator then after published your video, give a affiliate link into the description box according to your product related videos.












You can select ‘Banner’ option if you want to post a banner ad in your website. There has lot of banner size like: 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 160 x 600, 300 x 600.






Just copy this code & past on your website header or footer section or any widgets section.

You can also register with Clickbank affiliate program. Here is the link: CLICKBANK

Here you first go to the affiliate marketplace, then click on create account.







After create your account by given required information, go to the categories list where you find lot of product related to education, medical, fitness, business etc. Select any category & on the right side you will  get all the related products with given ‘Promote’ option for affiliate link.






Affiliate Program through Flipkart

For joining click on the link:  Flipkart Affiliate Program

Click on ‘Join now for free’.





Given some information about you, your website details, Bank details for transfer affiliate income. You will change it later from ‘My Account‘.






Go to the overview section, where you will see the affiliate link generator box. Here you will get affiliate tools like Banner ad, Widgets links for set a link affiliate banner for your website.






Go to the ‘Product link & banners‘ section, & type any kind of product name, select category & press the search bottom. After listing the product, select any one & click on any link or banner button for getting code.






Select any type of Product Link for adding on your website.






After click on ‘Ok’ button, you will see the product code. Select & copy the link & past into your website header or footer html editor.






In the ‘Push Content’ section you will different type of Banner Ad code, select any one, select the code & copy it. After copying, past on your website’s html editors section.






If you want to promote any Flipkart product for affiliate income, then go to & select any product for promotion. After select the product, copy the product link from the URL section of that particular product.






After copy the product link, go to your affiliate page. In the overview section, you will get the ‘Affiliate generator link‘ box. Past your product link here for getting the affiliate link. Click on ‘go’ button.





Now the link  which one you will get, it will be your affiliate link. So copy the link & past on your social site or website. If you want to shorten the link, then after appeared the affiliate link into the box, click on ‘Shorten Link’ button.









After getting the short link, you will past the link in any place where you want to promote.

If you want to join Banggood affiliate program,then click on the link bellow;

Banggood Affiliate Program

First register with for joining or sign in if you have already registered;





After joining, log on with Gmail-Facebook-Twitter-or Google+, then go to ‘Account’ section & select ‘setting’ of your personal information.






Must set your ‘Payment Withdrawn’ option,there you have two choices, one is PayPal option & another is Bank transfer. But read the documents very carefully, about the $20 USD min. amount for PaPpal withdrawn or $1000 usd minimum withdrawn amount for bank transfer & 100 affiliate points = $1 USD.  In , you have get two point collection option, one is you will get 20 free points on daily basis, if you share any product of, on your social site. But this points has not affiliate points. It’s use for redeem the amount of purchase amount. But if you earn some commission through affiliate promotion, then the earn converted into points. And when you have achieved 2000 min. affiliate points (100 points= $1USD) that converted into $20 USD, then you have to able to withdrawn money by PayPal.






Now go to the affiliate program page,





Then go to the ‘Product’ section & choose any categories;





Here you have getting affiliate code of every product. Select any product & click on ‘Get Code’ option. After appeared the code select it & copy it & past the code on any social groups or your website’s header, footer, slider section.





You might shorten the affiliate code through Google ;





Link is here:   URL Shortener





You can set any size of banner ad affiliate code on your website by choosen any banner categories & then click on ‘Get Code’ option. After appearing the code, copy it & past on your website.









We have told everything about Affiliate Marketing in this article. We hope that you may well known about it.

So, being stay with us. Thanks…

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