How far death is from us? Are you afraid? Struggle to survive continuously! Know the journey between Life & Death

Life is very small and weird.
Trying to survive everyday!!!
Just try to implement our own interests…
Death is true, but we want to avoid it everyday…

Have you seen sometimes a body burn in the crematorium?

Once upon a day, you was burn by lighter incense stick or smokey cigarettes & to get rid from blisters, you’re using medicines. And the last day on that day when in your unconsciousness, hundreds of blisters will swell in your body with the heat of fire along with sprinkle blood by cracking his voice.

Once upon a day, you left all the work due to headache, an hour after hour you was suffered from it, the head will not burn that day, will beat them with bamboo as per hindu’s scripture.

So much care of makeup & colorful dress up so far. But the last day open all your dress & ornaments from your body & naked you & there after put on the high temperature furnace for funeral.

Once upon a day parents cold your food due to hot food not eaten by you, and that day, the son will enter burning fire to his parents mouth.

Ever see someone on the ground in the grave?

If you had 5 minutes in the coating, then your breath would have stopped, in the last day you will have to go down to earth forever where not enter the wind from a single point. The insect will eat the rotten & throat body.

And you will never be able to come back. You can not eat food at any restaurant with your families. You can never sit in any stadium to watch & enjoy cricket or football matches. You can not quarrel with the boyfriend. You will not be able to spend any time in an occasion with your friends. You will not be able to have fun with your parents.

Even today, it seems like giving up the cigarette, leave alcohol to live 2 days more longer.

It seems today that the street pavement is best, no matter where the crowd is on the road, let’s cross the car, then i will cross the road, no matter where i will reach after 5 minutes late. Then i will get live extra for a few years.

Today it seems that the speed of the bike reduces a little, what would be to showing them? Only then i will gets some extra months to live.

Yes, even today, I am afraid. If i do not come back from the hospital?

Even today i am afraid to fall asleep, if i do not wake up in the morning?

Today it seems, not like people, more then 300 years in the world will be get extra as a turtle if people will born it’s like such a long life.

What does sunset means of every day?

One of the total numbers of our life has been dropped.

What does the clock ‘tick’ ‘tick’ sound means?

The timer of our death which is progressing gradually.

What is the length of time you live in your fate that you do not know. Maybe 100 years or 1 month, or 1 day, or just 1 hour. There is no bigger suspense in life then this.

The death is coming, but the speed of the curse is the curiosity. The real thing is that we all want happiness like heaven. But do not want to go to heaven.

So fight to survive. The person who did suicide, they not a cowardly, they are ‘Boss’. Because if there is no dare, the fair of death can not be overcome. Because those who did suicide are cowards, they are places in hell, or sin to do it, these all of words are only to prevent Suicide. For the last two minutes after hanging with a rope, you will understand what the pain of death as well as what is Life? How difficult is life to die. Your girlfriend, your parents, mark sheet of fail to examination, or for whom you are going to suicide, all those it will not come to your mind of those 2 minutes. You just think about yourself & and try to survive yourself. Then why do not you think ten times before 2 minutes?

After you leave the world, all will cry for 2 to 10 days, After that everyone will forget you. So why do suicide? And for whom will do to hurt? No one is in this world. Learn to be lonely, you will be very happy. Do something like that so that people do remember your name, for your good work, for the people for ever.

So, as long as we are alive, can do to survive a little better? Can we do not stop quarreling with our parents? Do or do not break up with the boyfriend, can we do not thinks it once? Life is very short, is this right? please. tell…

So, let’s all be together.

If you understand the meaning of the writing, you must share it…

Your share will be able to raise awareness of more people. Political enmity & fight may be closed somewhat, medical treatment may be somewhat improved, the value of life should be understood by all…

What are you saying about it…

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