How to access any Blocked Websites or Contain of the internet securely by hiding your computer IP address through PROXY-VPN Server & TOR

You can easily access any blocked website or blocked contains which doesn’t support in your geographic location or blocked by your ISP provider like BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, Airtel etc if you have lives in India, it depends country wise your ISP provider that blocked any countries website like any Govt. website or any others for any security reason.

But before i told you the process, first known how its work…

When you directly want to access any website then your request go first to your countries ISP end to connect your computer with the domain of this server. Suppose you want to access from your computer means the request directly go from your web browser to ISP providers end server that has a one real public IP that work as a middleman to connect your internet hosting request to the end server that is

Actually every internet connection made by a unique IP address. But the IP address is two type.

  1. Private / Private IP (Yore personal computer).
  2. Real IP / Public IP.

So, your LAN card of your computer or any device has a personal IP address. And your ISP provider have a public IP address which worked just like as a proxy server of your home router.

If you have a router than you have already noticed that your home router has a IP address & when you want to open any internet site then the request packet first go to your router IP address & then the router see the condition either if you set for data packet filtering & last your request go farrowed.

So, there your Router is act as a proxy server & under the unique ip of your router has a different IP address like your computer, laptop, mobile, tab etc. which share internet connection to your all surfing devices through Wi-Fi or Lan connection. But when the data packet request has inbound or outbound to or from your ISP end then the public IP of your ISP known only one IP of your router.

So, the this is the way of the proxy server work to distribute your internet connection as well as the a static ip address of  your ISP end that linked your packet request to or from the outbound or inbound server.

So, just same as proxy server, VPN or Virtual Private Network work that actually hide your local ip address of your devices & route it on different location countries servers. So, when you type, then the ip packet request first go to your ISP end but if your ISP provider set a rule through their firewall server to block all the outbound request who want to access domain, then if you are using VPN or Proxy server then your ip packet request doesn’t understand properly by your ISP server because the ip request shown to your ISP server to access to the different location server instead of, so your requested ip packet allowed by your ISP server & forwarded to different location server. At last when your request came to that server of a different country through VPN then your request read by that location server & linked to your domain.

So, the above process we have mention that how VPN work to route a different location of your ip request by hiding your ip location & give access to or from linked with other domain server by bypassing your ISP service provider.

Hacker’s are using this techniques. They using more the one VPN or proxy server to access the confidential sites of a specific country.

You may use a free proxy or VPN server that easily available on the internet as well as you have a paid option also available that you may buy with approx $5 to 10$ per month basis that provide you a private VPN server only for you but you have choosing free one that you will get a share VPN or PROXY server that using by many people from one VPN server. You have personally made more then one VPN or Proxy server to route your ip packet request in different location by purchasing sharing or dedicated hosting that not understand by your hosting provider but in this case some configuration is required that i will discuss it later in a other article.

But one thing keeps in mind that do not access any financial like internet banking by using this free proxy or VPN site that collect your privacy & you will be hacked anytime. But you are using a paid VPN or Proxy service then the VPN provider made a agreement with you that if you are doing any bad activity like hacking then the record will not be able to your ISP provider but it will be store in your VPN server, so they will be compelled to show all your activities if your Govt. want to know that information.

So, be careful. Do not trying any illegal activities like hacking by using Proxy or VPN. You also use a free VPN or Proxy to see the blocked contains or website that has already blocked by your ISP provider.

Even if you create your own Proxy or VPN by using your hosting that taken from US & UK or Canada hosting web server & doing any illegal activities, in that case your home ISP provider not tracking or any record of your accessed site activities but your all information has stored in a different location that has routed your ip packet data with the help of Proxy or VPS or to the specific ISP server on that countries.

Normally you may access any site free by using Proxy or VPN service & by using TOR browser.

For example, you may use this site to see the contain free by using Proxy or VPN as mention bellow,

Here you put any site link that doesn’t supported by your country.





You may use the paid service to buy a private Proxy server like this,






Or you may use the TOR Browser to hide your IP location & access any block site.







You may download Tor according to your OS version.








Some useful warning before using Tor;









So, in sort description about Proxy & VPN:

A proxy server works as a middleman in between a  PC or Mobile device and the Internet.

A secure Internet connection is immediately established between your ISP provider and Hide your IP.

When you connected to another network, your computer receives a new IP address from a VPN provider.

Every traffic comes from your computer routes through the VPN network.

Your private IP address assigned by your ISP remain hidden.

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