How to achieve a big goal as a YouTube content creator – 100% genuine make money online tips (what should you do or not to do before starting as a carrier on youtube)

On the internet, you will find a lots of websites claim that if you can follow a program & properly processed on it, then you can earn a lot of money. But 90% of the website is fake. Because if you work in proper way in those websites, you will not get the money till the end of the month.

So, what is the right way to earn money on the internet?

In order to earn money in the internet, along with the true passion & hard work, the site you work on should be a 100% genuine site.

And there is no one else in this field then Google.

With google you can do a lot of online earning, there are many ways you can earn from google.

And at the top of it comes google’s biggest video broadcasting product that is called ‘YouTube‘. Which is the largest video broadcasting channel in the world, where different kind of video is uploaded on daily basis.

Anyone can open their you tube channel in free. Where you will consistently keep uploading videos in the daily basis. But only required the right way should be known if you want to grow in this field.

If you are new to this field, keep this in mind before starting your you tube channel as mention bellow;

1) At the time of opening the channel, first you need to register your you tube account with your email account, as well as with the same email that you registered with the ‘Adsense’ account & if you register for the first time you can verified + approved your you tube channel with adsense. If approved, then all the earning you will have from you tube will go to your Adsense account.

2) Keep the name of your you tube channel unique so that more similarities have not created with other channel. This will bring your channel to the top of the Google search engine. Always give a name of your channel according to your content. Always indexing your channel through google web master.

3) As a creator, you have decide first what kind of content you will upload to your channel. Keep uploading videos about the same topic. Do not upload a different kind of video in other topic. If you want to show product unboxing  then upload all the videos about unboxing, upload tech related video if you have a tech channel.

4) Make a video on any unique topic or content that no one also has built. Your video may more chances of being viral & coming to you tube trending list.

5) Always focus more on the content of your video, neither about the graphics.

6) Always upload the correct content, do not upload any wrong content in your video. This will help your subscribers to trust on you.

7) Make your video in such a way so that your video get more watch time. Make your video spicy. Presented your video in simple way, smartly, accurately & confidently. This will not boring to your audience.

8) Always create videos in the same language in which you are capable.

9) Always upload a short type of video to your channel. Do not make more then 4 to 5 minutes of video time.

10) 40 to 50 second of the beginning of the video are very important. It also depends on whether your viewers will see the entire video till the end or not. So very much focus on it.

11) The clicks or views about all of your videos depend on the title, tag line, thumbnail of your video as you made.

12) Use the ‘cart’ of the other recommended videos on each of your videos as well as enter a video link to your other videos at the end times of each video. This will be your video to video promotion. Also give a link of your others video in the description box as well as you may add your affiliate product link on your video description, if you review this product on that video.

13) Do not insert any content of other’s channel into your video. Don’t put someone’s song or song of a movie in your video.This may cause a copyright strike in your channel & your channel might be closed forever.

14) In the video, what you are telling about, presenting very smartly & confidently. This will make viewers to get an impression on you.

15) Always make videos in your own way & speaking in your style, never copy to others.

16) At the end of each your video, request all the viewers to subscribe the channel & like-share the video. It increase your subscribers & getting more like on your videos. More likes makes all your video as a recommended video categories on you tube. So, day by day your video makes viral on you tube trending page. And don’t forget to say to your viewers to click on the ‘Bell Icon’ for getting future notification.

17) Make the thumbnail, title of the video so attractive that it is compelled them to click on the video. But always the content of the video is made according to the title or thumbnail. Otherwise, the confidence of the subscribers or the viewers will go away from you.

18) Do not upload any violent, abuse, sex related content in your channel.

19) In you tube, if you are using any content of others in your video, then give the full credit to that person in your video’s description. Otherwise, it may be a copyright claim strike on your channel.

20) Copy the link of every single video of the channel & post it to your social media, its much better to put your video link into your social groups. Select the social media group according to the content of your video.

21) Do not click on your own video from same register account, same location, same IP address or from any familiar person of your family. Google always track to your channel activity. If any of the above activity is occur on your video, that would be sufficient reason to block your channel. Even if you are using or, such as traffic ex changer website, then you may fall in danger.

22)   As a creator, you may try the ‘Google Adword’ paid per click option if you are more confident about your video content that will be possible to more clicks & more engaged the audience. Otherwise, not go with this. Because it takes 1$ to 50$ per single click as depend on the audience of which country belongs.

23) Do not make any core technical videos on you tube. Because if you want to gather more audience, more watch time, more subscribers, more likes on the videos, then you always upload some spicy, current events, filmy events, funny videos, cooking, beauty tips, product un-boxing, laughing related videos to get more engagement.

24) Even if you set a thumbnail on your video with the right or wrong content related to your thumbnail, & your video gets much clicks from your audience but not getting much watch time according to the per click basis, then youtube thinks that you have uploaded a wrong content according to your thumbnail. So, in that case, you tube drop down your video from google search index or search recommendation list as per youtube program. So, your video not showing any search engine or suggested video list according to your tag line whatever you have set. 

So, if you keep in your mind all the above mention things before starting as a youtube creator, then you achieve a big goal & earning a lot. But as per youtube rules & regulation, it may vary which country you have belongs too. According to your country,  starting carrier on youtube so much difficulty day to day according to the present situation.  Country wise depend CPC rate, AD not appears on all youtube videos. First achieves 10k views, then required 4000 minutes watch times as well as 1000 subscribers counting from  the previous 12th months for video monetization. So, give your 100% efforts to keep alive in this field. At last some luck factor is must required to achieve  a big goal.



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