How to get traffic from USA on your website for free?

We are used a lot of techniques to bring a lot of traffic to our website such as ‘Do follow back links’, some of ‘No follow back links’, Website submission tools, or even used a paid service like Fiverr or Google Adwords. But in paid service, you have to pay a lot of money i.e. in fiverr you have to pay at least $5 for each an every gig & in adwords, it’s very difficulty to pay for promoting website as a blogger. All the above techniques is very hard & time oriented to create back link on website. If you are using SEO service, so best option for free SEO, you have get on wordpress plugin option. But all this techniques are used for getting world wide traffic. Not specifically for USA traffic. If you want to approval or google adsense, then you must have to required on USA, UK, or CANADA based traffic to getting approval of your website, specially for So, if your website getting lots of USA, UK based traffic then you may earn high c.p.c rate on per click ads or impression.

So, now we have showing you that how to get traffic from USA on your website for free?

  1. First go to Google search engine.
  2. Type Google webmaster console (Google webmaster tools).Here is the link:  Google Webmasters Tool Console
  3. Sign through your gmail account.
  4. Add a property if 1st time add your website, if already done then do the next.
  5. Go to ‘Manage Property’.
  6. Then ‘Add or Remove users’.
  7. Tap to search traffic.
  8. Select International targeting.
  9. Click on country tab.
  10. Click on check box & select target as UNITED STATES or select as per needed country.

























Another option is USA WEB DIRECTORIES submission.

Link is here :

  1. First go to the website for submission.
  2. Tab on Submit Link button.
  3. Select Regular links. (You have to option of pricing  at $6.94 – 1 Year, review within 24-48 hours for the ‘Featured links’. For Regular Review , It takes around 2-3 month for a review for Regular submission.
  4. Filled the title of your post, what post will you submit.
  5. Enter your Website address.
  6. Filled your website details within 1000 spells.
  7.  Filled the right keywords for your post into the META Keywords section & description.
  8. Filled up your name, email id, & choose a category related to your post.
  9. At last agree & continue…


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