How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp Messenger after deleted by sender?

It is been often seen that lots of time that your friend send something in your WhatsApp account & after that immediately deleted it due to some wrong words or wrongly send or want to say somethings to you, but there after he decided to hide the matter from you. So in that case when you have open your whatsapp account then you have see some received messages that has came from your friend but it shows the message deleted by sender. So, you have not any option to see those messages. But today i will show you that it is very easy process to see those all deleted message that has came from your near & dear one. So, just follow this process as mention bellow,

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp Messenger after deleted by sender?

Here i am using my two WhatsApp messenger accounts to see you the process. So, let’s suppose, one is sender account & others is receiver account.

When you have type a message & send to him or her then it will be displayed like that;







Here sender send to message that is ‘Good Morning’ & ‘How r u?’. So, as it is it will be displayed to the recipient end. Now sender wants to delete the second message that has wrongly send to the recipient. So, immediately sender delete the ‘How r u?’ message from their Whatsapp messenger, as the result the message will be delete from the recipient account as follows;







So, when receiver opened the account then it shows some message has came but one of them has been deleted by sender as follows;







So, if you want to see those deleted message then you will installed first an application from Google Play Store.The application is called ‘Notisave’. So, first installed it.







During installation, the application wants to allow access permission, so you can allow access by switching ‘Notisave’ on to complete the installation process. After allowed the permission, you have to required to enable the ‘Notisave’ application as ‘ON’.







Now i am go back to my WhatsApp messenger account & as a sender i have write a message & send it to my recipient account. After send the message, now i immediately delete it by choosing the ‘Delete for everyone’ option. So, to the recipient end it will be displayed as deleted message from sender but if you have a receiver & already successfully installed the ‘Notisave’ application, then after showing the deleted message by your sender end, close the whatsapp application & go to the ‘Notisave app’, or a notification message will be display on the top of the notification bar for every activity happen on your smartphone. Into the ‘Chat’ section you will read the deleted message that already deleted by sender & you have unable to see the messenger on WhatsApp, but here you will see the those deleted message as follows;







So, one thing keeps in mind that only you have able to read those deleted message after installed the ‘Notisave’ application. Message that were deleted before the installation this app, after installing this app, you will not read the previous deleted message before installed this app.

Here is the Application link: NOTISAVE

Note: Till now you have to able to read only the text message. Picture message doesn’t readable from this application, but owner of the application says that they will work on it.

Here i am talking you all that how you can able to read all those deleted message on WhatsApp messenger that already has deleted by sender. But how much privacy will be mention on your phone that’s have a big question mark. So, i will tell you about only a particular situation used these type of application & then delete it from your phone. Do not uses it for long term basis.


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