How to run Whatsapp application on your computer through your Smartphone?

This is very easy process to run your WhatsApp in your desktop or laptop by using your mobile. Lot of desktop application already has been released to run WhatsApp app in the computer, but today that i will show you that is very easy process & anyone can do this to access WhatsApp in their home or office computers by using smartphone & share everything whatever you want to share either from your phone or from your computer. It is very safe & secure process that recently WhatsApp developed it for user friendly. No need to install any application on your computer & your smartphone. Only required internet connection & required WhatsApp application in your smartphone. So, lets start the process;

First open your WhatsApp application in your mobile & then go to your computer web browser & type the URL as follows;

After opened the above URL site, again go to your mobile WhatsApp application. After opening the first or default page of your WhatsApp app, click on the top right three dots sign, after opening the list menu, choose ‘WhatsApp Web’ menu from the list.






By clicking ‘WhatsApp Web’ menu option, moved your smartphone towards on your computer where you have already opened the above mention URL site.







Just hold & point your smartphone to the computer screen to capture the QR Code that would be appeared top right corner of that website.







After doing this process your will see that your mobile WhatsApp application shown in your computer, same as it is like your mobile Whatsapp runs in your computer desktop. Now you may share every activity by doing copy-paste method of any link or any text & share on your WhatsApp with your friends & family.


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