How to set auto multi language translator option to your blogging website?

This is very easy process to set your blog or any kind of website content as multi language option that auto translate your website’s contain into a different languages. When a user or reader visit your blog or website then they have a option to choose a language as per their preferred to read the articles.

If you have a website on WordPress, then it will be very easy to set your website as multi language translator option. In this case, if you write your blog in English language & want to set a multi language option as well as want to remain English language as default language, then i told you that ‘yes’, now with the help of ‘Google Language Translator‘, it will possible. The plugin is free of cost, but if you go for paid option that will be ‘premium’ option to get more reliable & more option to set on your blog. There has a lot of plugin option to set multi language option, but this plugin is the best as per Google concern.

So, first logged in your WordPress admin account, then go to ‘Plugins‘ option & click on ‘Add New‘ option. Next type ‘Google Language Translator‘ into the search box. See the logo of the plugin as per shown on the picture as mention bellow & install & activate it.





After activated, go to the ‘setting’ & select ‘Google language translator‘ option, then a new window will open. After that go to it’s main setting page & checked the option of ‘check this box to activate‘, then choose your original language of your website which will remain as default as well as choose any others language that will be active.





After that, go to the ‘language switcher settings‘ option & set size, color, background color as well as set the country flags option, if you want to display country flag according to choosing language, here you may choose layout option, Google toolbar option as per your requirement.







After that you may setting a lots of option like align the translator, where you want to display of your website, set floating widget option if you want to enable, set custom text, position, color etc.






Now set the ‘behavior‘ option like multi language page option, Google analytics option etc. At last ‘Save‘ all your settings.







If you want to set this Google language translator shown as ‘Widgets‘ option of your website, then go to ‘Appearance‘ option & select the ‘Widgets‘ option, select the ‘Google Language Translator’ & drag & drop into the sidebar menu option or any area as per your requirement, where you want to show of your visitors. Modify the ‘text‘ & click on ‘done’ & ‘save’. 







After doing the all above process, go to your home page & see the result.





Hope it will help you to set your blog or website as multi language translator option that would be very beneficial for your visitors.

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