How to strengthen your marital relationship? How to gain trust & love for each other ?

Only a few days after the marriage is seen, the fight or tension between the boy & the girl is turned on. Turns accusations on one another. It also affects the other people of the family. Whether you are an arranged or love marriage, the fight starts only after a few days of marriage.

Look, there as a little bit fight between husband & wife, get offended & persuading, all these small things go on in the family. This increases love in both. But if the stress between husband & wife increases more then the extent then it takes bigger shape.

So let us now tell you how to strengthen your relationship after marriage? How to build confidence on one another?

1) Actually the pressure of work has increased day by day so much that whether you are doing a job or doing business, it is difficult to find time for each other if your wife also works then at this condition it becomes difficult for both of them to get out of time. So, try to get free time. Whether there is one day in a week, talk to your wife freely in the free mind. Talk about what your wife or your husband likes. Always talk in romantic way & make romantic things.

2) If the wife is a housewife, take her out, at least one day of a week. Because whole day you are busy in either in business or office work, but day by day your wife becomes boring when handling the house. She also needs a mind freshener. Whenever you come into the house, talk to your wife with your mind & heart. Ask her if there is any problem. If she exalts your mind then do not say anything to her, let her speak. Because it will have her mind lightened. And on the other hand if your husband returned at home by working all day, then talk according to their moods.

3) Husband wife try to know each other well. Know about each other’s likes & dislikes. Try to understand what he/she likes?

4) Learn to adjust a little bit in life. Your husband or wife may not be in your heart. Someone has any intoxicants, someone has a bad habit. So in that case, act wisely & always lovingly explain it to him/her. Try to find out where he/she is in trouble. To make him/her like you, if you have to become like him/her before, you have to make yourself like him/her first.

5) Whenever both of you get the chance, get out in a small tour. Either go out in a long drive at any time. Either you both can go shopping too. Some time, at least twice in the month, you both can go to eat food in any restaurants for the mill. Watch the movie at the cinema hall at least once a month.

6) Give him/her a little more gift in small events of life, such as his/her birthday, valentine’s day etc. Give importance to each one’s activities. Sometimes tell him that ‘you are becoming very beautiful & smart day by day’.

7) Any decision can be taken by both of together. If you take any of the decision, it may be wrong, but when both decide together, then it may be right. Before taking any decision, if you ask your husband or spouse about his/her opinion, then he/she will also like it to knowing that you to give him/her the value.

8) Maybe your husband is not able to earn so much, then join him in. Motivate him that he can do even better. Try to do some work yourself. Both take any decision by talking in both of them. Maybe your neighbor has a big house or a big car or a lot of money. But do not ever envy with them. Try both of you to be happy with whatever you have. One thing to note is that money is not everything. There is nothing more then relationships. Time changes everything. Today, someone has wealth & you can have it tomorrow. But once the relationship breaks down, it never joins.

9) Inspire your life partner if any of work done by your partner. Give him/her excitement. Anything that you like of your partner, so always admire him/her in front of others.

10) If you have any past then share it with each other. Do not hide anything to your husband or wife. It increases trust in each other.

11) Whether it is a boy or a girl, the family of both are special to each other. The girl leaves home & goes to her husband’s house. So, it takes a little time to adjust to her husband’s house. So that’s why husband’s responsibility is to help your wife. If your wife understand her husband’s parents as her parents as well as husband also consider the wife’s family as their own. So, in that case, there is no family problem ever in relationship.

12) Whenever you live in the house then do the work of the house. It will help your wife a little bit. Every morning your wife gives you a bed tea. One day you will do it for your spouse & then see…

13) Faith is very important on every relationships. If the mind does not believe in one another, then the relationship does not make sense. Husband wife should till one another about any of his/her relationship with his/her friend circle. So that there is no misunderstanding. Both should believe that any disaster will occur in their life related to money problem, in relationships, mental & physical, whatever happens, you will never lose one another. One thing to understand that nothing is perfect in this world. It has to make perfect. Before marriage, both of you will decide that no matter how problems arise, they will never leave each other. Maybe society will try to separate both of you. But you will listen to your mind & hand over your mind to your partner.

14) Sex relation plays an important role in relationship. As long as there will be sexual relationships, your marriage life will remain colorful for as long as possible. Do two or three times sex with your partner in a week. Sometimes it is difficult to get a sexual relationship everyday as the child is growing up. In that condition try it four times a month. According to the body & mind, one’s sexual condition is not the same. Your daily life style depends on your sexuality even on eating & drinking & working. Sometimes due to this child does not even come. As well as in this reason there is no sexual satisfaction in both of them. So there is no need to panic on it. Neither put any blame on anyone. Treat it at the right time. Consult a good doctor. It is all right to eat the right medicine, treatment, exercise & eat the right food.

So, you always adjust yourself a bit in life. Try to win each other’s heart with love. Strengthen your relationship on the foundation of trust. Walk with each other by holding hand till the end of life. Try to forgive each other’s mistakes. Because no one is perfect in this world. Have to make perfect.

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