How to withdrawn your PF money in that condition where your employer is not approving your KYC?

You may need to withdrawn your PF money as advance basis during job or leaving a job, then you have to required to upload your complete documents by you or your employer like Aadhaar, PAN, Bank information on your EPFO portal account with registering by UAN & password that has been provided by your employer. But if you have already done this then only required to approval your KYC by your employer & PF organization (your local PF office where your employer register your PF). In some cases if your KYC one sided verified by your employer then you will go your register PF office & show your Aadhaar no. & give your finger print for bio metric approval by PF end.

But in some cases your employer is not approving your KYC  that is must require when you want to withdrawn your PF after 90 days from the date of leaving job. There is three main reason that why your employer do you approved your KYC for PF verification.

  1. To verify employee’s KYC, needs to register a digital signature of employer with PF Office.
  2. If employer digital signature already have, then might be not known by your employer the proper process of approval any kyc of their employee’s that how to use digital signature in proper way.
  3. And the last thing is that you may leave your job without informing your employer or without notice period or even you have some minded or disagreement occur with him somewhere while doing the job, so that is why your employer may not to coordinate with you.

So, in this case what you will do?

You have only way to request your employer with softly to approved your KYC details, maybe your employer can rotate you many times. So, don’t worry, you have to try at the end. If you find that your employer is misbehaving with you then you can make a last effort to approve your KYC. But keep in mind that you have do this process only extreme condition when you have no any option.

It has no 100% guarantee that your KYC will be approved by doing this process, but this is a only way that you will get support from your PF end in those extreme condition where you will not get any support from your employer.

The only option is put a complain against your organization via ‘EPFO GRIEVANCE PORTAL‘.

The link as follows,


First go to the above link by clicking it, after opening the portal select the “Register Grievance” & after that filled up a form for registering your complaint.







Provide the details like PF No, UAN No, select your registered PF office, Your company name, company’s Address etc.







As well as put your personal details like Your name, mobile no., complete address, email ID etc.








Select a Grievance Categories, for which you have registering complaint. At last enter grievance description within 5000 Characters.








At last filled the capcha entry & submit your complaint…

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