If you want to be a good photographer, then do not confuse, know what type of camera body, lenses & accessories should used to do a good photography

The camera has an important role to play for good photography & videography. If you have landed in this field for the first time then there will be a lot of question in your mind. And as far as the camera is concerned, which one does buy or not, there is a lot of confusion in mind. For the good photography, the role of the camera lenses along with the DSLR is very important. In the market, you will find a lot of company’s DSLR & camera lenses, but it is only difficult to pick which one & take it.

If you have comes in this field of photography for the first time then you have to careful which type of photography you want to take. Someone likes portraits & landscape photography, someone is interested in nature photography, someone likes birds or animals photography, someone likes event photography like marriage photography.

Before starting, keep one thing in mind that the camera, lenses & the accessories, a lot of money will have to be spent if you want to become a professional in this line.

One thing keep in mind that do not invest more in the camera body at starting. Because the body of the camera keeps updating the gap difference of two to three years. But if you have a good lens then its valve will be life-long. If you have a best quality lens, accordingly, the quality of your photo will be excellent.

Many types of lenses are available in the market. Like Sony, Canon, Nikon a lots of company introduce different kind of lenses from beginner to professional. There have two types of lenses are available in the market for full frame or APC-C sensor (crop) type body.

Most of professionals used full frame lenses along with full frame camera bodies. The full frame camera sensor size is bigger & the pixel is also bigger due to which the lights also comes in more. Due to that the quality of the picture is excellent in full frame body. But the body & lenses of the full frame camera have a lot of costly.

On the other hand, the body sensor of the crop sensor camera (5x or 6x crop factor) is slightly shorter & the pixel is also smaller, due to which the lights also come a little less.

If you use full frame lenses along with the crop frame body then due to the crop factor, the zooming distance of the lens will be double. For example, if you using a full frame lens of 70-200mm in a full frame body then the zooming distance would be remain same but if you are using a crop body along with 70-200mm full frame lens, then you will get actual zooming range 112-300mm (approximately). And on the other side, taking a micro shot in a APC-C sensor camera is very easy & take a good shot due to small pixel & crop factor.

For still photography, there have a couple of option like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji introduced lots of variant in this segment. If you want to compare in still photography with canon & nikon then both are equal competitor in this session. In some cases, Nikon is slightly ahead in still photography. But in the segment of videography, canon has moved forward from the other all company’s. The canon’s dual pixel auto focus face tracking technologies put all the  companies behind. Day to day canon introduce a new image processor (Digie 7 & upcoming digie 8 processor) that’s give you faster auto focus as well as less noise performance (in low light photography) in high ISO (upto 51000).

You may also buy a Mirror less camera for sorter in size, light weight & interchangeable lens option (canon M-mount ) as well as DSLR lenses with the help of mount adapter but it will be some extra cost to buy.

But some downside of the mirror  less camera is that its not very good for sports photography. It’s battery capacity is very low (take 200 to 300 shots in full charge). Camera sensor size a little bit shorter then DSLR (exemption canon M5 & M-50’s sensor, the same has inserted in the mid range body of canon 80D).

If you are a beginner, then always used a APC-C sensor body type. Purchase entry level body type DSLR, in this segment there have lots of cameras like canon 77D, Nikon D5600, Sony a6000 E mount. If you want to be more advanced then Canon 80D, Sony a6300, Nikon D7200, Nikon D500 has a good option. But canon introduce a better technologies related to vari-angle touch screen, all the focus points are cross type that is quite good for video performance like face or subject tracking (77D & 80D has 45 focus points + all cross type). Face tracking even eye tracking (M-50) technologies & also digie 7 & 8 processor (up next) gives more advanced fast auto focus, less noise in high ISO. But in this segment sony has hybrid auto focus system (a6000), in the mid range area you will get sony BION X image processing unit. Sony & Nikon doesn’t have all focus points as cross type.

In one area, canon has a little behind that is 4K. All mid-range segment such as Sony, Panasonic, Nikon introduced 4k video capability but canon till now not given the 4k facility in mid & entry type body segment (only HD & FHD). But in the canon high end body like 5D /mark IV, you will get the 4k option & canon just introduced in the mirror less segment i.e. Canon M-50 has 4k video format for video shot but you can’t gets dual pixel auto focus in 4k recording, so it’s worthless.

In the lens segment, you have a lots of option like EF lenses for canon full frame body, EF-S lenses for APC-C sensor type body (canon), AF-S lens for Nikon, Sony e-mount lenses etc. & all an other lens manufacturing company like Sigma, Tamron.

When you purchase a body, then along with this you will get two type of kit-lens like 18-55mm & 18-135mm with Canon body. So, kit lens is not good so in photography. Canon introduce nano USM technologies that is very fast auto focus (70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM 2). Try to purchase a prime lenses. Because, you will get a fixed focal length, more clarity on subject, blur screen due to f/1.8, f/1.4, f/2.8 focal length. If you used zoom lenses like 70-300mm f/4-5.6 or 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 focal length then must shooting in day light condition. Because, when you zooming at 400mm or 300mm with f/5.6 or f/6.3, then the quality of the picture should be drop down if sufficient light has not present. But if you have used f/2.8 at 18-70mm or f/2.8 at 70-200mm fixed aperture type lenses then at 70mm or 200mm focal length zooming picture quality remain sharper even at low light situation. So, it is very good for in-house event or night shooting purpose. If you have a prime lenses like 50mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.8 type fixed aperture then you may capture a great shot in low light condition. But prime or fixed aperture type zoom or non-zooming lenses has very costly (except 50mm f/1.8 STM prime lens canon).

Hope, this articles will help you to decide before starting at the beginning …

Some good quality DSLR cameras & lenses we have given listed bellow ;

DSLR Model DSLR Model DSLR Model
Canon M-50

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