Information about food for the people of all age…

Today we will give some useful information about food for the people of all ages which include in our daily life style.

1) The fish which have not fiber, do not eat at the night .

2) Do not eat Hilsa Eilsa  fish or any type of oily fish for three consecutive days.

3) It is beneficial to take hot water (not too much warm) and lemon juice & mixed together, then drink every morning.

4) Those who have bad odor in urine, they drink plenty of water or eat the lemon juice mixed into in water.

5) If everyday before bath, you have doing oiling to your navel with pure mustard oil, then no skin crack will be found in your ankle, lips, even in your whole body.

6) Those who go to the bathroom after eating rice or any hard food, if they go to the bathroom after drinking water every morning, so that’s habit will go away & will be good for his/her health.

7) Those who have an acidity problem, they will eat sugarcane molasses & eat bita salt syrup. But do not take too much medicine that might be damaged to your health & without doctor prescription, do not take any kind of medicine.

8) No one should sleep during the day. Walking at least half an hour before going to sleep at night.

9) Never drink water during eat food. Drink water after one hour of meals. Ground pot cook system & eating on banana leaves, free from 30 types of diseases. Do not eat egg who have suffer for stomach problem.

10) Wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night, always urinate by sitting down.

11) The last but most important things that always leave the habit of spicy food all the time.

So, please maintain your eating habit in proper way, do not eat any fast food under the open area, not to be taken any hard drinks or any stimulant things, try to quit smoking slowly, exclude tobacco content from your life. Try to do something for those who are addicted to their addiction. Learn to live and teach others to live.

Thanks to all…

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