International Days

International Days:

January -04th: World Braille Day

January  -26th: International Customs Day

January  -28th: Data Privacy Day

February – 02nd: World Wetlands Day

February  -04th: World Cancer Day

February  -11th: World Day of Sick

February  -13th: World Radio Day

February  -14th: St. Valentine’s Day

February  -20th: World Day of Social Justice

February  -21th: International Mother Language Day

March  -03rd: World Wildlife Day

March  -04th: World Day of Fight against Sexual Exploitation

March  -08th: International Women’s Day

March  -15th: World Consumer Rights Day

March  -20th: International Day of Happiness

March  -21th: World Forestry Day

March  -21th: World Poetry Day

March  -22th: World Water Day

March  -23rd: World Meteorological Day

March  -24th: World Tuberculosis / TB Day

March  -27th: World Theatre Day

March-2nd -Thursday: World Kidney Day

April  -07th: World Health Day

April  -10th: World Homeopathy Day

April  -12th: International Day of Human Space Flight

April  -22th: Earth Day

April  -23rd: English Language Day

April  -23rd: World Book & Copyright Day

April  -25th: World Malaria Day

April  -26th: World Intellectual Property Day

April  -29th: International Dance Day

May  -01st: Labour Day

May  -03rd: World Press Freedom Day

May  -12th: International Nurses Day

May  -15th: International Day of Families

May  -17th: World Telecommunication and Information Society Day / World Hypertension Day

May  -23rd: World Turtle Day

May  -25th: World Thyroid Day

May  -28th: International Day of Action for Women’s Health

May  -31st: World No Tobacco Day

May -1st Sunday: World Laughter Day

May – 1st Tuesday: World Asthma Day

June  -01st: Global Day of Parents / World Milk Day

June  -05th: World Environment Day

June  -08th: World Brain Tumour Day / World Oceans Day

June  -12th: World Day Against Child Labour

June  -14th: World Blood Donor Day

June  -20th: World Refugee Day

June  -21st: International Yoga Day

June  -21st: World Music Day

June  -23th: International Olympic Day

July  -01st: International Joke Day

July  -02nd: World Sports Journalists Day/ World UFO Day

July  -11th: World Population Day

July  -17th: World Day for International Justice

July  -28th: World Hepatitis Day

July – 29th: Global Tiger Day

August  -12th: International Youth Day

August  -19th: World Humanitarian Day

August – 20th: World Mosquito Day

September  -02nd: Coconut Day

September  -10th: World Suicide Prevention Day

September  -15th: International Day of Democracy

September  -16th: International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer

September  -27th: World Tourism Day

September  -28th: World Rabies Day

October  -01st: World Vegetarian Day

October  -04th: World Animal Day

October  -09th: World Post Day

October  -10th: World Mental Health Day

October  -11th: International Day of Girl Child

October  -12th: World Arthritis Day

October  -15th: Global Hand washing Day

October – 15th: International Day of Rural Women

October  -16th: World Food Day

October  -16th: World Allergy Awareness Day

October  -17th: World Trauma Day

October  -20th: World Osteoporosis Day

October – 24th: United Nations Day

October  -24th: World Polio Day

October  -29th: World Stroke Day

November  -08th: World Radiography Day

November  -10th: World Immunization Day

November  -11th: National Education Day

November  -14th: Children’s Day

November  -14th: World Diabetics Day

November  -17th: International Students’ Day

November  -19th: World Toilet Day / International Men’s Day

November  -21th: World Fisheries Day

November  -21th: World Television Day

December  -01th: World AIDS Day

December  -02nd: World Computer Literacy Day

December  -02nd: World Pollution Prevention Day

December  -05th: International Volunteer Day

December  -07th: International Civil Aviation Day

December  -09th: International Anti-Corruption Day / World Patient Safety Day

December  -10th: World Human Rights Day

December  -11th: International Mountain Day

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