Keep mind clean, the world will change itself

Human is a wonderful creation of the nature,

When someone prays,

They he/she thinks that God is listening to all his/her things.

But when the person condemns someone,

then he/she forgets everything.


When a person is doing virtuous, then he/she thinks that

God is watching everything.

But when the person doing any sin works,

then he/she forgets everything.


If he/she donate someone, 

then he/she thinks that God is inside everyone,

but at the time of theft,

he/she forgets everything.


At the time of love, he/she thinks how beautiful God has made this world,

But when he/she hates someone,

he/she forgets everything.


Despite all this, people are considered himself to be height intelligent creatures of this world.
Only required a good thought that will come from good heart & a clean mind then the world will change itself.
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