Learn about the benefits of Neem Leaves in human body

Today we will tell you the benefits of neem leaves in our body. Neem tree is easily found around our house. The following benefits are found from neem leaves;

1) If the neem leaf is applied in the whole body by grinding the leaves, at least one day in the month then the germ of the body will be destroyed.

2) If 20 to 30 pcs of neem leaves are grinded along with 30 grams of raw turmeric and applied to the body, then the body color is bright as well as there is no risk of any kind of skin disease.

3) If every morning in an empty stomach, taken one spoon neem leaves power dust or paste mixed with one spoon of honey, then dysentery or worm disease does not occur.






4) If every morning in an empty stomach taken one spoon of neem juice mixed with one spoon of raw turmeric juice then blood will be purifies as well as air -cough- bile will be destroyed and eye side will be intensified.

Hope it will help you…

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