Learn about the importance & benefits of One-Liner/Cell Garlic in human body

Garlic is very beneficial in human body. Basically garlic is two types;

1) One liner/Cell garlic- whose botanical name is allium Sativam.

2) Multi liner/Cell garlic- normally uses in cooking.

But the one cell garlic is very beneficial & best for our body. Lot’s of thing like vitamin A, B, C, D, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine & the two forces of fierce energy bactericidal has present. A few years ago, in the city of California, there was a discussion happened on garlic. The world’s garlic experts were present there.

It is known from the experiments conducted by one of the countries on the particular disease like some external use due to bite of Wasp, Scorpion– its also very beneficial to the internal application like- constipation, influenza, contraction of the arteries, cold & cough, inhalation, throat irritation, ignorant, intestinal inflammation, gallbladder stone, high blood pressure, liver problem, nervous weakness, pharyngitis, diphtheria, different type of skin diseases, decay, gooseberry, worms etc.

How to eat garlic?

First fry into the oil & then mixed with vegetables.

While preparing the bread, the paste of garlic inserting into the bread & then eat it.

Mix garlic paste in hot milk & eat it.

Boil the garlic first & then eat with rice.

Other uses of garlic for various diseases;

1) Youth power=> Every day, every man & woman, if they eat two pcs single – liner garlic with two tablespoons juice of amalaki, the energy of youth power will increase.

2) The pain of the arthritis => Every day eat one pc one-liner garlic with hot rice. Or 20 pcs one liner garlic fry with 100 grm of oil & massaged to the affected area.

3) Abdominal Gas => Combine 4 to 5 drop of garlic juice with one cup of water & drink it every morning upto 7 days.

4) Body decay => Every day takes, one or two pcs of one-liner garlic paste boiled with a cup of milk, that increased the body weight.

5) Sperm-line => 2 or 3 pcs single liner of garlic boiled with a cup of hot milk. For inner power of man as well as bone power will be increase.

6) Dog bites => 5 to 6 drops of garlic juice mixed with hot milk, it ruins dog bite poison.

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