Manually create high PR 8 Backlinks by using high domain authority website’s blog ‘FORUM ‘ to rank & increase traffic to your website

Today I will tell you all that how to create high PR Backlinks manually with High Domain Authority by using FORUM. I have already told you that proper SEO is must to getting instant traffic when your Website will rank & score the DA & PA by the search engine’s that means your post articles will displayed on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo search, so organic traffic will normally came to your site. But first of all must doing a proper SEO by indexing all the search engine, create sitemap, select proper keywords, using targeted keywords, create proper meta data as well as meta description & focus key.

This is all for ON page SEO, but you have required to do a OFF page SEO by creating manually backlinks. One things keep in mind that always do the high PR backlinks for rank your website. Means your website link with another High Authority website that already ranked on search engine like Google & using those website that’s DA & PA score & Alexa rank will be high like Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. So, you make a link with this domains by indexing, registration, Create a FB page & post your website link & articles as a post, make YouTube channel & regular based published video’s & put a website articles links to the description box on the relevant video.

You may making a comment’s to the other website, but one thing always remained that if you create a low quality backlinks with low DA rank website then the rank of your site will be fall down, so always create backlinks with high PA sites by using comment posting on blogs or you may join a FORUM group on the high DA website where you post your suggestion, answered on a topic by posting comments that will take a long time to rank your site, so keep passion. Do not go for paid option by using Fiverr or such shortcut technique to create backlinks or for web traffic that might be penalized by Google.

Here I have given two different link for proper SEO, for your better understand,

Best & genuine method to increase website traffic through High DOMAIN & PAGE AUTHORITY along with FORUM (Free SEO)

SEO: On Page & Off Page for getting more Web Traffic & rank your Website on Google-Bing search engine

Manually create high PR 8 Backlinks by using high domain authority website’s blog ‘FORUM ‘ to rank & increase traffic to your website (SEO):

Here i will create Do Follow High PR Backlink with SAMSUNG.COM  developer FORUM site.

First go to the search engine & type ‘Samsung Developers’ to find the URL, after finding go to the URL.





Go to the ‘Community’ Tab & go for registration for Sign Up if you are using first time.






Click on ‘Join Samsung account now’.






Accept the tram & condition & click on ‘Agree’ option.






Now provide the details for registration process…



Here you provide your email detail, create password, provide your date of birth details, filled Capcha entry & go for NEXT.




Now check your email where the account registration & approval process would be completed.












After verified your Samsung Account, go to the URL & select the ‘Community’ Tab, under this tab, select any categories to join a FORUM.






After selecting a category join any FORUM discussion to post your comments or select ‘OPEN TALK’ to join with any FORUM discussion.





Under the ‘Open Talk’, choose any category to join…





After opening the FORUM or any blog, first read completely as per your choice & give any suggestion or answer of any question or post as your replay for the above topic. Keep in mind that here you are creating a Backlink via post reply. So, do the process properly as follows,






When you doing this process then you have to require to put your account ID & password if you have not logged in your account.








After log in to your account you may post your comment, after write a suitable comment, put your ‘Website Link’ to create backlink.






Here i putted of my Website link & select the link & click on hyperlink icon from the top menu, in the ‘Link info’, i have putted my Website Link’ as a do follow link. At last ‘Save’ it to post as a comments.






The process may be differ when you creating backlinks with the other website’s, some of you have no need to registration, just put your comment & provide your Email & Website address. Here i have showing you the process of this site. Hope you have understand it.

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