New YouTube creators: don’t waste your time: give attention to your study to improve in life

YouTube is a platform where you make money through on video Ads impression & clicks. It’s a totally free of cost, where you just create a channel & upload your different kind of videos related to your channel type like tech videos , funny videos, unboxing videos etc.

But it is not too easy to earn money on YouTube, to grow your channel required unique selection of your videos & your attitude, your presentation, make a proper tagging, attractive thumbnail making, better understand of viewers, engaging viewers to spent much time on videos, needs viewers subscription & likes etc.

Today lots of new YouTube creators are currently inspires by seeing the popular big YouTube creators, to seeing their popularity & earning.

In reality, its not depends either you are new or old creators, hard work everyone has to do. But there was a time when only some YouTube creators has performed on YouTube, so viewers percentage is bigger then creators. But at the present moment, the creators percentage is bigger then viewers. Therefore, its too difficulties to grow your channel become popular like those channel creators who is topper at that time.

Young generation are involves in it day by day without knowing the proper knowledge & reality. YouTube is the bigger video platform, where daily upload millions of video to there server.

So, in that case, it is totally luck factor, to grow your channel in this platform. At this present time YouTube changes their policies day by day like first 10000 views, required 4000 minutes watch time as well as minimum 1000 subscriber in every 12 months etc.

Even if you are eligible for video ads, but although it not necessary to comes ads on your every video, if you have millions subscribers, then it not necessary to reach your newly uploaded video notification to every subscriber, so in that case your cpc rate will be fall down as well as your revenue will not generated properly.

Its not depends, either your channel is popular or famous or small, any time you got a strike, by breaking any tram & condition of YouTube related to copy right issue, any violent video, adult contains etc.

Its not necessary that you get a real strike by breaking rules, you may get a fake strike also if anybody complained on your real video. After complained, your video will be block or not showing & if you take a review on it then YouTube will do process on it. If your video doesn’t has any copyright issue then its ok, otherwise your video will be deleted or a certain part of the video may be deleted. If any of your video do not look right on YouTube, then you may got strike from YouTube & if you got three strike, then your channel will be terminated.

The most fun thing is that if you make any tech or education or social issue related videos on this platform, you may gets a least view, but if you make some entertainment funny or adult hot videos then your video will got millions of views. On YouTube is still running this type of hot, abuse, sex topic & adult contained videos despite of being against the YouTube policy. Even those type of videos has been ranked & placed on YouTube trending page.

So, if you are a new YouTube creator, then do not waste your time on it, because any time all your hard work will be blocked or terminated by YouTube. And after you doing all the hard work on it, its not necessary to get much video watch time, subscribers, likes & most important views.

So, concentrate on your studies that gives you a better future. At last i will recommended you that you give much more attention on your studies that will be your first priority & side by side if you want to earn some pocket money then you create a free account that provided by google & connect your account with Google Adsense account & try to write one articles daily that’s take a little bit time to post as per your knowledge based which you may preferred. And that’s give you earning better then YouTube. If your site will became popular, you will earn more from Ads due to better cpc rate from Google & impression from like & other popular ad agency, when you take a paid domain & purchased a host server after completed of your study, when you get much time on your hand. You may do as a part timer blog writing along with the full time job or profession or business. You may take it as a full time blog writer, if you want to earn unlimited.

So, think twice & then take your decision…

Good luck.

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