Online self PF withdrawal process after leaving a job or during job by submitting FORM 31, 19 & 10C.

Think about PROVIDENT FUND withdrawn process by submitting PF refund form that is too difficulty to collect from PF office then filled up then again go for your organization or office where you had posted for signing purpose from the responsible person by submitting your ID & documents, at last after approval your form from your employer end, PF office verified it & taken some time (one & half month) to send money to your provide registered bank account by two slot, one employee’s contribution amount & other is employer contribution if your documents & up to date PF fund from your employer has ok.

But now this days the PF online withdrawn process is became much easier where employee self withdrawn his PF after leaving his job or during job (in some condition only) by online form submitting process with form 31, 19 & 10c.

You have required to get UAN number from your employer & then activate it by providing your old PF account no. & providing the the necessary details.

You have required to submit your Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Mobile no., Bank Account details, Front page of your bank passbook, your photo ID etc. to your employer or self uploaded all the documents properly on PF official website in the KYC section by registering & activating UAN ID & password where your employer approval it by his digital signature.

After approval from your employer end, you have required to getting approval all your documents like Aadhaar, PAN, Voter id, Bank account to again verified by PF authority, So if you see that one site verification has completed from your employer end that has been shown your PF official website after when you log in with UAN ID & password in your account. So, in that case you have to required to go your PF office & provide your Aadhaar along with your bio metric fingerprint to verified your aadhaar from both end. That process not only help for withdrawn PF amount online by self, as well as it also help future process to withdrawn your pension after 58 or 60 years. Because if you completed your job period more then 10 years then you have only withdrawn the amount of employee + employer contribution, but the 8.33% which is your pension fund that will be treated as your pension after 58 years of old getting interest depend on your whole service years. But if you have not completed 10 years of your service then you getting all refund along with your pension fund.

PAN card must be required, otherwise at the time of PF withdrawn process almost 35% tax will be deduct from your total sum. But if you have submitted it then only 10% tax will be deducted from your refund amount that will be again you will be get return by applying it for return if during your job, your total annual income amount not exceeded the tax amount.

If you do this online PF withdrawn process & all your documents & both side verification process has done, then within 7 days you will get refund your PF money.

Here i given the link of the unified member portal of PF where you may do the whole process,






Enter your account by given your UAN id & password, if not even activated or not collect UAN no. from your employer, then collect UAN no. first & then go to ‘activate UAN’ option just bellow the ‘capcha’.

After logged in you may change your mobile no. & email, just go to ‘view’ option & select ‘Profile’. Here you also download your UAN card just click on the option from ‘view’ option.






If you want to see your total transaction details of your PF account like employee’s & employers contribution & pension fund details & total deposited amount till the date, then choose the ‘Passbook option’, but here this option not working, so it will show the another portal. The link is here,

or go to the portal by following steps, >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook

First you have to activate it by providing the same UAN no. & password, some time after given UAN ID & password if doesn’t logged in process happens, so do not panic, try it 3 to 4 days for log in. After entered your account, download your passbook. For 1st time user, after enter into the account it takes 48 hours to generated your passbook.

You have required to submitted your KYC first by uploading from ‘manage’ option & select ‘KYC’. In the KYC section add & upload your details by uploading your Aadhaar, Bank Details, PAN, Voter Id etc.










After upload & adding your details, you have to required for approval from your employer & PF authority from both of end. If done, then you see the following result that shown beside your uploaded documents such as approved by (name of your organization) & (approved by UIDAI, verified by PF end). For security reason hide some information,





In some of reason, if you can’t contact your employer, then directly go to the nearest your registered PF office where your PF has made by your employer along with your all original ID & photocopy of Aadhaar proof & your UAN no. & pf account no. with bank details & also carry your registered mobile number, photo as well as make a application letter to the PF commissioner¬† where mention your aadhaar no, PF number & UAN no. & mention the reason.

If you done all the process & if your KYC approved by both end, then you have to able to claim your PF refund by click on ‘online services’ & select ‘claim (form -31, 19 & 10c)’.





You can select ‘track claim status’ if you already submitted claim form for refund.

After selecting the ‘claim (form -31, 19 & 10c)’ option a new form will be opened along with your personal (verify your bank account) as well as service details, so, in the form selection section you have to choose three different kind of form as follows,

  1. Form 10c – for refund employee’s PF fund refund purpose (those who completed maximum 6 month of services or less then 6 month can apply with this option).
  2. Form 19 – for refund employee’s Pension fund only (those who completed more then 6 month & less then 10 years of services can apply with this option/ more then 10 years of service will be not eligible for this option). After retirement from the service to the age of 58 years old, they will get the monthly pension according to his pension fund. That is the reason, after 10 years completion of service, employee’s pension fund will be block for future preference.
  3. Form 31 – Only for those who can apply PF refund in advance. (it only will be applicable & eligible in some cases only).

(So, more then 6 months & less then 10 years of services, can apply both Form 19 & 10c separately).







All the data filled automatically if you are uploaded & submitted information & data properly as well as your both end approval process done properly then verify only last 4 digit bank account number that will be shown.







After this you have shown the ‘date of joining’ & ‘date of leaving’ option that will be displayed automatically here of your service period. If your service period not more then 6 months then you may apply only Form 10c, but more then 6 months & less then 10 years of service, you may both From 10c & 19 separately. If your service is running then only in some cases you may apply for advance PF refund as a loan by filled up Form – 31, but if you leaved your job then after 90 days from the date of leaving your service you may apply other two forms & the form 31 will not be appeared into the list. But after 90 days of leaving from your service if the date of leaving box in this area has remained black then you can’t do the PF refund process. In this case, contact your employer & requested them for update it.






But if all the information displayed properly, then filled up the next process by providing your address, state, city, pin code etc. & checked the box for agreed the term & condition & click on ‘get Aadhaar OTP’. Here two things keeps in mind,

1) You have required a registered mobile number that will linked with your aadhaar no.(OTP will come only your registered mobile no. that will be linked with the aadhaar of that person).

2)¬† When you ‘agreed the term & condition’ means if any wrong entry or process has done by you that means your application will be blocked & the PF authority will not be responsible for this. (So, be careful…)

How to withdrawn PF during your service period?

I personally not recommended this but if you fall in some extreme condition & have not any option then you try to such process by online filling the Form -31 that i discussed the above. But you can take money in advance during your service period only in some cases you will eligible for this such as;

  1. Purchasing a house or making your own house or purchase a land for making house.
  2. You if take a loan & have to required to given EMI on a certain time basis.
  3. For some special cases like suddenly your factory closed, some natural disaster like earthquake happened etc.
  4. Form major medical treatment / operation / surgery purpose of your family.
  5. For your marriage or marriage for your daughter or any family members.
  6. Higher education purpose for your Son & Daughter.
  7. Before one year of your retirement, you may take some advance money from your PF.

(You may withdrawn advance from PF only minimum 5 years completed of your service period, in some cases 10 years minimum completed service period is mandatory, except some cases like disease, medical treatment, operation, major surgery etc).

In some cases like work in process to build construction of house building, you can take advance in several time from PF, but in other cases you can apply only one time to take advance from your PF account.

PF money, Pension, Advance money from PF withdrawn process has been much easier from the year 2017. You have simple required an one page form filled up instead of Form- 31, 19 & 10C.

And in this segment instead of Form – 31, 19 & 10C, you have required a new two different form filled up that is called ‘COMPOSITE FORM on Aadhaar based’ & ‘COMPOSITE FORM on NON-Aadhaar based’.

  1. COMPOSITE FORM on Aadhaar based – No need to required for Employer signature. No need to submitted any documents of employee. Only required KYC verify from both end with your PF account. Only sign required of employee. You can apply for PF, Pension, Advance money from just filling up this form.
  2. COMPOSITE FORM on NON-Aadhaar based – Same Form as ‘COMPOSITE FORM on Aadhaar based’. Some extra features has included. You have required Employer & Employee signature must into this form. You have need to submit photocopy of Aadhaar, bank details, PAN, Photo with this form.

(In both the cases if you attached a copy of your font page of Bank passbook & *Form – 11, then it will be more easier to withdrawn money from PF to your bank account).

  • Form – 11 is a PF deceleration Form.

I have given the download link of this two form as follows, so you may direct download from it;

COMPOSITE FORM on Aadhaar based
Download Now
COMPOSITE FORM on NON-Aadhaar based
Download Now

Or you may collect from the above two from EPF portal, link as follows,

I think you have understand it. One last think keep in mind always that you have changed more then one organization then always transferred your PF account which based on UAN number, because PF is your savings of your retirement, so do not withdrawn in any circumstances.

If your current employer not updating your employer contribution of your PF account, & in this circumstances you have want to withdrawn your PF & Pension contribution, then you have only option to getting only employee’s contribution, whatever the amount deposited from your employer up to till date, not to able to withdrawn that contribution due to pending contribution from the employer end until clearing.

In the above cases, if you joined a new company by leaving the current company then always transferred your PF by concerning with the HR of your new organization. The benefit is that when your previous employer update the pending employer contribution then your PF account will be updated even you till working in your new company. And the other benefits will be your no of service years will be increased, means your saving & pension fund will be increased.

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