Build your Website & earn millions (What is the genuine way of earning from website?)

If you have a website then you can earn a lot but the right way should known first. Because your website is zero without traffic. Everyone tells how to open a website & how to earn from it. But i would say first think about how to get traffic, then generate income on the website in the right strategy.

1> Earn from Advertising:

If your website has a lot of traffic, then you can earn from your website by using Google Adsense by putting Google’s Ads. If you have Google’s blogger website i.e. (, then you will get easy approval to Google Adsense (Other company’s ads unable to set into blogspot due to google’s own product). But if you own a domain & web hosting then it is difficult to get approval. So the best you use WordPress. You can purchase your hosting as a share hosting in a cheap rate from or which will give you a free wordpress installation along with private email id as per your domain name.

Without creating your website from WordPress, it’s too difficult to get approval from Adsense to post Google’s Ads on your website.

If you are using WordPress then you will choose a very simple theme for your website that does not have much picture, designing or coloring.

Before applying Google Adsence, your website needs to have at least 30th articles post.

At least 1500 to 2000 traffic should come to your website in every month.

You must first have a gmail account before applying for adsense, after that you will have to register in your adsense account with that. After creating, you must have to enter your website address for approval. After approval, you have to able to get google adsense Ad code. So, copy that code & past your website HTML headers. footer or any other location.

You can also use advertising of for higher CPC rate then Adsense. But to get the approval of the, your website should reach at least 2000 traffic in every month.

Every click or impression you will get revenue from it.

In the above both cases, you should be required organic/Direct traffic, not any referral traffic. So don’t be use or such as web traffic exchanges website. You have required US & UK based traffic, if you want to approval from You should set both of companies ads in your same website.

2> Earn from Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing means you can promote the product of someone’s on your website. You can promote any online stores product with your referral link & if anyone purchased that product, then you will get commission from that (commission rate will be differ according to product). Lot’s of online stores gives you for affiliate opportunities like;

You may go first their affiliate website & register. After approval you will get affiliate link of every product. Just copy the link & past on your website. You will also get a banner ad code for promoting to your website. After earning a certain commissioning amount (differ company to company or product of different categories), you should transferred to your paypal or credit to your bank account.

3> You may create your own online store website with the help of woo commerce plugin in WordPress website for your own product sell. You may also sell digital goods like books or photos, videos, Art, design, logo on your website with the help of Photo seller plugin at WordPress.

Woo-Commerce (for your own online product selling)

Photo seller Plugin (for online selling of digital goods)

4> You should promote your affiliate link website or your post or online e-commerce website link to your social media groups, So your earning will be double due to visit direct with website, so people view your ads as well as purchase product from your affiliate link.

5> If you have a YouTube/Facebook creator then your income becomes triple.

Give a link to your youtube videos, So people go to your youtube channel. So increase your views as well as people view your website’s ads, so you can earn revenue from both site. You may redirect to your facebook page from your website. So, if you have a facebook video monetization is active, then you will earn from it. If you create video on product review & given a affiliated link in the description area, then people will come from your website & view your videos, if impressed, then click on your referral link & if buy then you will received commission.

6> You can convert your website into Android app too & put download link in your website. If your Google Admob is active & linked with your mobile app then people can download your Apk app from your website if they likes. So you can earn from admob associates banner or video ads codes which will be attached on your mobile apps.

Hope it will help you…

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