Sell photo online & earn money (Is it easy? Is it genuine?) What is the real method to sell online picture-video-vector?

Now a days everyone post different type of good quality picture in social media. But after post the picture, they are happy to get some likes. But you do know that you have unknowingly taken a picture that can give you a lot of money.

Yes friends, if you are a good photographer or you take a good picture then there is good news for you. If you take good photos from the camera, then you can sell that photo online. But guys, it’s not that easy too. You might have seen anywhere in the articles or youtube video that everyone is telling that you can earn enough money by selling photo online easily taking photograph by your smart phone.

But one thing we would say first that if you want to sell photos online, you must need a good DSLR as well as different kind of lenses for taking nature, birds, animals, indoor-outdoor shot, event shots, under water, such as type professional shots. Even you can do something in this field then required more extra equipment which is most costly.

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But if you have lots of  talent & you can do some creativity in your photography then you have a lot of money in this field.

You probably will not believe that photos can ever be sold online. But its true that for the web designing, for magazine, animation, project, for advertisement needs lots of new photo day to day that should be royalty free.

If you take a royalty free good quality picture, then you can easily have some website that sells your photo on those site & retain some part of the revenues generated from it, the site takes some part  & the rest will give you. If the same picture will download several time, then each & every download i may received commission from those picture.

Let’s know what is the meaning of royalty free photo?

Royalty-free photo means no logo or any design of any companies, either the name or any copyright contain will not be in that photo you have shot. You should come to take a professional type photo with creativity. Then your photo will be more chance likely to be sell in this competition market. Because many people like you have entered to this field.

So, which type of picture will be more chance to be sell on those website?

Look, those website are called micro stock agency, where they sell all the contributor’s royalty free photos into the global market place. If you want to join those site become a contributor, then you have require some special skills in your creativity.

  1. First you needs a good DSLR camera along with specific lens according to your shooting criteria.
  2. Required quality best photo.
  3. Over exposure or under exposure picture will be rejected.
  4. Required clarity & focus on your subject.
  5. Take a look at the time of taking photographs that there is a enough place to write around.
  6. Note that while taking photo, no logo, name, sign or any copyright issue into the entire photo.
  7. Any face of any unknown person, you can’t directly taken & upload into the site, if you do this then you have required the permission of those person for upload. But you should taken a group photo of some people doing some act, the boy or girl is running such as activity where focusing the man at work not directly taken selfie of others.
  8. You should come to use software like Photoshop for photo editing.

Let’s know which side you can list to set your photo for selling?








Fine Art America

Bigstock Photo


The above site that we have mention is very good & genuine website where contributor listed their photo for selling & buyers can buy their require image. Not only photos, you have listed photo, hd vedio, fhd video, mp4 video, 4k video, logo, vector all you have to sell. When your photo will be sell, you have getting 10% to 70% its depend on various website as well as your demand basis on your collection. When you have try to upload your collection, then every time a quality team check your photo as per quality standard process, if permit then ok, otherwise will be rejected. When you have registered first time then you have required at least 10 photo to be submit on their site. After the process of quality check, will be activate your contributor account. You have require passport/Driving license or any ID proof for account activation.

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