SEO: On Page & Off Page for getting more Web Traffic & rank your Website on Google-Bing search engine

Are you troubled due to traffic not coming in your website. There is good contain but still no traffic is coming, what should you do? If traffic to your website is not coming, then the earning from your website or online business promotion from your website will be less.

In this case either you will have to take paid SEO service, the hire person who will work for you & rank your website on search engines. Other wise you will try to rank your website that will be free but you will be face some difficulty but after practicing it, you will be able to rank your website & for this reason you will not required to take admission any institute, you may learn the SEO related tips from YouTube videos, social sites, lots of website that provided free learning SEO tips. But main things is implementation.

Today i will tell you all the on page & off page SEO related topic as well as its basic implementation that will be must required to the first level if you want to rank your website & gain much traffic on daily basis.

=> If you are a blogger than post any articles more then 300 words, that’s good for SEO.

=> When you make any articles then keep in mind that is ‘keyword’. That’s play a vital role to rank your post. Always choose a high rank keywords related to your topic, you will use free or paid version software keyword tools from the internet that will find for you a very high ranking keywords related to your topic. If you are using it then your page will be ranked.

=> When you post any articles then always use the proper tags, meta tags, meta description, focus key related to your topic. You may take a free SEO plugin, if you are using WordPress then lots of tools are available.

=> Log in to your WordPress Administrator account & go to the ‘settings’ option & select ‘Permalinks’, under the common settings, select the ‘Post name’ option that will generate your post like according to your post name that will be better to searching related topics from search engines. It’s good for SEO.





=> If you write from Google search engine that ‘download hd movie songs’, then you always see the website which is came to the top of the Google search engine. Just copy the title, keywords & meta description, if your website is same of the related topic. After doing that changing some word or choose meta description from  two or three top ranking website & after doing a little bit changes, past as it is to your meta tags or description tags. That will be gain traffic more.








=> You have required to directory submission program for indexing your website & post, if you want to gain domestic & international traffic from different country by indexing on Google , Bing related search engines that will be help to visible your post when a particulars keyword would be search related to your topic.

For Google Indexing: Click on the bellow link;

Google webmaster tools / Google Search Console

After opened the console page, Sign in with your gmail ID first. Then add your website by clicking ‘Add a property’ option. Put your website domain address & click on ‘Add’ bottom.





After add your property, you have needed to verify it, so into the verification process from the Google console, you have lots of option like verify through your domain name provider, verify through HTML file upload, verify through HTML TAG, or from Google Analytics. If you want to verify through ‘HTML Tags’, then you will get here a ‘meta tag’ code, so just simple copy to it & past this meta code on your website in the header section where <head> tag has start. Past the code between two <head> pair tags that one is opening & one is </head> closing tag.






If you are using WordPress, then go to ‘Appearance’ option & then select ‘Editor’, choose your theme editors main file where the first <head> tags has started. Here the main editors file option may be differ due to your theme which has presently remain, so here i am using ‘Twenty Sixteen’ theme, so according to my theme, the HTML <head> starting tag has remain in ‘header.php’ section, after click on the ‘header.php’ tag, find the the starting HTML <head> tag & then past the meta code between two <head> opening & </head> closing area carefully, this is your main HTML theme file, any wrong entry or by mistake deletion any line from here means, error will be generated on your web page. So very carefully handle at the time of meta code pasting.






After past the code, click on ‘update now’. Then go to again the webmaster central page into the console page & into the verification method section, click on ‘verify’ option. If the process done with no error, then you will be able to create a ‘sitemap’ for your website that would be better indexing for your every post on Google search engine.

=> So, in the Google console, select the ‘Crawl’ option & click on ‘Sitemap’ option, after that click on ‘Add/Test Sitemap’ option;





After click on add, type a text that is ‘sitemap.xml’ beside your domain name. Then first run a test, if no error appeared, then again type the above XML text & click on ‘Submit’ option.









After that refresh the page & again go to the ‘Crawl’ option & select ‘Sitemaps’ option. And you see that the sitemaps has generated successfully.





After done this process, you will do one of the following process, if you want to gain more international traffic to your site from Google organic search engine. Go to the ‘search traffic’ option into the console, & then click on ‘International Targeting’ option. Select your preferred country from which you want to get traffic. And checked the box of ‘Target users in (Country)’.




You may do the same procedure into the Bing Webmaster Tools for index your post or website into the Bing microsoft based search engine for getting USA based traffic as follows;

Click on the bellow link;

Bing Webmaster Tools

First sing in, then add your website, provided your personal information, country & then submit the form;







After submission, you have required to verify, so copy the meta code & past between two HTML start <head> & close </head> tag into your website HTML editors option, just same the procedure what i have done during the verification from Google console.










Go to ‘configure my site’ option & select the ‘sitemaps’ option, then submit a sitemap by typing a text that is ‘sitemap.xml’, just beside your domain name.





After submit, it takes some time to approved your website for better indexing.




You may verify your social pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel from bing webmaster tools. Just go to the ‘configure my site’ & select ‘connected page’ option & select your page, then click on verify.





You may submit URL one by one related to your post URL’s, 10 URL submission maximum once a day & maximum 50 URL submission once a month. Go to ‘configure my site’ & select ‘submit URL’, copy & past your link & click on ‘Submit’.





Another directory submission is require, if you want to get traffic from USA.

Click to the bellow link;

USA Listing Directory

Here click on the ‘submit link’ option, click on ‘regular link’, provide title that would be your post title, put your website URL link, add a description related your post topic, provide a meta keyword & meta description, provide your name, email, post category. After all done, click on ‘continue’.







If you have a website on WordPress, then you may use a plugin that is called ‘Yoast SEO’. This is one of the best & free SEO service that provided a good result on your post. During post your articles, you have to choose a lot of option like meta tags, meta description, post tags, focus key option. You have a option to choose a free or paid ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin option. Paid option provide you maximum 5 focus key option to choose.










If you want to free indexing your website to all the search engines automatically then you click on the bellow link;

But it not properly indexing some search engine like Bing or Google, because during this process, you have not to able create a ‘sitemaps’. But if you choose a paid option from ‘Enterweb’ submission tools, then you will choose & do everything. Just submit your URL by verifying your email address.





You may search your keyword related about any topic from ‘Keyword Shitter’, that is free providing  software tools that collect all the keywords related any of your topic. Just type your topic & click on ‘start job’ option that will be start the keyword finding process & it will be doing continued until the press the ‘stop job’ bottom. After finding all the keywords related on your topic, click on ‘download’ option to download all the keywords & past anywhere.

Keyword Shitter







You have an another option to find your keywords & how many times it has been search on Google search engine, that you locate it through this web extension tool. This is a  free tool that gives you almost 60%-70% accuracy. In the market you will get lots of SEO keyword finder tools has available. But it’s too costly but that tool provide you almost 98% accuracy to find your keywords that might be rank on the first page into the Google or others search engine.

Keywords Everywhere

First download the Chrome extension or Firefox extension.





ADD the extension;






You have required to provide your email address for getting your API key to use this product.





After getting API key from your email account, click on the extension from top right corner & go to the ‘update setting’ option, where you past your API key that you have been received from your email link.










After past the API key, click on ‘Validate’ it and again open a new chrome window & type any keywords, you have noticed that the keywords that you have putted that shows how many time people search into the web from globally as well as shows related keywords & count no of search on that particular keyword each of the month.






So, if your contain is unique & good then use this tools that rank your website higher on globally.

Always create a unique title of any topic that shows minimum number of competitors within 1 lakh, then you have to chance to rank your site on Google first page.

We have provided other high pr backlinks directory submission sites list that is almost free & some of paid. So, just go to this website one by one & submit your  articles URL link or your website URL link, provide meta tag, meta description, tags, name, email, post categories etc. & submit just like as USA listing directory that i have already showing you on the above in this articles.


So, submit your URL link one by one to the above directory submission sites.

You may create backlink manually. Choose every popular website related to your each articles & visit to the those website that gets higher rank on the Google-Yahoo- Bing search engine that means much traffic has come to those website, so put a good comments related to their post & provided your name, email, website details. If the admin of the website approved your comments, then your website gets a DOFOLLOW backlinks with those website & generate lots of traffic to your website.

But one think keep in mind that if you create any backlink with any website, but in case those website create some illegal content or do some wrong that may effect on your website. So always create two-three free sub domain at least with or from any others free domain provider & create your free sub domain, then create a backlink with your main domain. But keep in mind that you only create backlink with each your own sub domain & each sub domain link with other high pr website by dofollow backlink. Type any articles on each your sub domain & request to popular domain means websites admin to join your site with their site through posting good reviews on their site or articles. That means your main website not directly connected with other website but through with the sub-domain dofollow links your main website gets traffic, if in case any reason the backlinks website affected, then your sub-domain will be affected one by one, but your main website remain safe.

Best of luck…

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