The reality of mobile earning from apps that hopes you earn millions from it

On the internet & into the Google Play Store, you have get lots of mobile earning application that always says that you will earn daily $200 – $300 every day. But when you install it & work with it, then your hopes is fall down. After competition of work either you get nothing or hardly you may earn $3 – $5. But on the internet some of such application that provided you real money & some of paid a least money but paid also. It is not possible to earn money on the internet without doing any hard work. You have required much knowledge on that subject in which you may involve.

On the internet maximum online earning sites has fake. They don’t provided you any money. To seduce you, they show on your page a lots of earning proof document & users positive reviews that is also fake & paid review.

Most mobile application referrals oriented means if you share to your friends this app using your code then you may received some earning commission from your  friend. So in this case it totally depends on your friends that they do work properly or not.

Referral means they grow their business through users, so they have not spent any money for advertising.

Referral commission you will received when the application will be genuine, payment gateway is true, time to time payment, not any hidden tram & condition that will be block your payment after completed of your work.

They promote their business through you. If your application is genuine & you earn daily $3 to $5 dollar, means your apps owner earned triple from Google Admob Advertisement.

You may gets some video watching jobs, click on ads jobs from your application, that means a certain time of video watching time you have to spent to earn money or you have to clicked a certain numbers of clicks on listed ads to fulfilled the tram & condition of earning payment received.

Those application provide you 5 to 7 nos of video watching or ads click option each day, due to Google Admob tram & policy if unlimited  clicks on ads happened from one IP address, then the ads will be removed from their application or viewable impression will not calculate to their Adsense  or Admob account.

So, in this reason they will provided you only a certain numbers of clicks in a day. Every clicks you may earned $0.01, & they are earned approx $0.50 to $1 on every click from you.

Actually, they have earned from 3 types of advertisement,

  1. Banner Ads. (Insert anywhere into the pages)
  2. Interstitial Ads. (Full page covered Ads)
  3. Rewarded Ads. (Full page video Ads)
  4. In-feed Ads (Like as a banner, insert between paragraph)

The video ads gives a higher CPC rate on click, otherwise full page covered ads give on click CPC rate higher but less then video ads. The the most popular & fitted anywhere is called banner ads that’s also give you a little bit revenue on click.

So, all those mobile application that’s provide you earning from to see the video that connected with Adsense with on video ads & also click on ads that’s connected with Admob, all are provide you only a little bit revenue, the main profit gain by the application owner.

The most insecure things is earning from survey report & apps downloading & run a certain period. That’s may damage or access your phone privacy due to access without SSL zone, and the apps download may access your phone privacy & may be affected by virus from apps installation by unknown zone. (Google Play is 90% secure that scan every app during installation with Google Play protect).

Another issue has maximum application is set to a particular withdrawn limit, & this program is set such a way that you can’t achieved it to there minimum withdrawn limit.

If you want to earn from mobile application then you may try YouTube, just create your channel & upload videos & when you able to get 4000 minutes & 1000 subscriber in every 12 months, then you would be eligible for YouTube video monetization program.

You may create a blogging website through WordPress, so this is a paid option but if you are a good writer then i recommended you. Just buy a hosting & a domain name & you may also use it through WordPress mobile application. If you are eligible for Ad posting on your blogging website from & Google Adsense, then you can’t imagine that how much you have gain the revenue. I personally recommended it that gives you revenue on viewable impression basis as well as Google Adsense that gives you high revenue on CPC basis (click on ad basis).

Even you may use the ‘Fiverr’ that also comes with mobile application & if you have a talent of any kind like logo designing, video editing, song making, good voice recording, fun video making, animation, Photoshop editing, SEO, Web traffic, social marketing, email marketing, music making, blog writing etc. then just make a attractive gigs that minimum start from $5 & whenever you have achieved a level 2 seller reword then you may set your own charge. Another good option for blog writers is ‘iwriter’ & ‘upwork’, that both you have to able through mobile application.

So, keep in mind that without hard work & talent you can’t achieved your goal on the internet. And some of the few sites that will give you real & a genuine revenue like Google.

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