The truth behind the Circus

There was a day when all the people ware crowded for the circus. And who always entertains us all. But in today’s day the circus is passing through a delicate situation. People do not have much to see the circus in the present day. During this situation the income of the circus can not be the same like those days.

The one who works in the circus lives in a place like a family. All the hard work they do all day, to entertain all of us. Without care about any danger situation of their lives, they all entertain to all us.

All the people who works in circus, lives in small tents. After the end of the one session’s show, they all go to the different places for show the game. Circus does not have such a profitable business in these days. That is why the one who works in circus, does not get much salary. Most of the people who works in circus, have comes from far away & poor financial background. Therefore, they have to leave home & stay in circuses for years to years. Because of the disappearance of animal, there is no crowd in the circus in this days. The person who trained tigers in that time & showed his game in circus, today this person trained dogs & show his game according the present situation. Because of the financial condition of the circus, day by day, all one by one is leaving the circus, all of going in a different profession. Now it is necessary required for government cooperation, otherwise it will come one day when the circus will remain only for the name.

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