The way to know the bad people

The way to know the bad people:

=> Never accept defeat.
=> Do not want to lose on logic.
=> Proudly speaking.
=> Trying to show their power.
=> Shows competence in all things.
=> Suspect everyone.
=> The slightest thing gets angry & tries to hit or action.
=> Doesn’t try to know the truth & lie.
=> They things, who are weaknesses, shows respect to others.
=> Threats in words.
=> Always hit the weak places of the people.
=> Always think his/her own interests beforehand.
=> Try to show shorten any talent.
=> Think of himself very intelligent.

Always keep yourself away from such people. Everyone’s soul remains pure. Just change his ideology & anxiety stream. So no bad person is a special one, only resist the way of his nature & work. You can not gets any good things from this type of people except bad experience that will be wake up for every step of life in future.

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