TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FI and Carburetor – What is the difference? Must known before buying…

At the 160cc bike segment & under Rs.1 lakh mid budget category range the best sporty looks & design segment, TVS always one step ahead from others & that’s why the result is the new Apache 160v that’s gives a all round performance all its three variant as follows,

  1. Single disc with Carb. version (Front break disc. & rear drum).
  2. Double disc with Carb. version (Front & Rear both end disc break).
  3. Double disc with FI version.








Common features:

  1. Engine : 159.7 cc
  2. Type : SI, 4 stroke, Oil cooled.
  3. Mileage : 60 Kmpl (Real Tested 45 to 51 Kmpl).
  4. Head Lamp : Halogen with DRL LED.
  5. Tyre Type : Tubeless.
  6. Wheels Type : Alloy.
  7. Gear Box : 5 Speed.
  8. Seat : Slandered & comfortable for two people, better then 200cc 4v. (Before buying first take a test drive & then decided but in my opinion the back seat style not so comfortable for long ride).
  9. New design digital console panel with lots of feature.
  10. Color : RR Red, Racing Black & Blue.
  11. Fuel Tank Capacity : 12 Liter (2.5 L reserve).
  12. Ground Clearance : 180 mm.
  13. Height : 1050 mm.
  14. Length : 2050 mm.
  15. Width : 790 mm.
  16. Battery : 12V, 9Ah.
  17. Starting : Electric & Kick- Start.
  18. Maximum Torque : 14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm.
  19. Valve per cylinder : 4 valves.

But the main thing is that if you are want to buy this bike then which version you will buy & why?

  1. All the Carburetor version you will get Halogen with DRL LED, AHO 12V, 35/35W HS1 bulb, with all-time ON LED position lamp, but if you selected FI version then you will get AHO 12V, 60/55W H4 bulb, with all-time ON LED position lamp.
  2. You will get Tyre Size ( front) in all version: 90/90-17 49P Tubeless. But the main difference is into the rear tyre. If you go for Single disc. Carb. version then you will get Drum – 110/80-17 57P Tubeless. If you go for Double disc. Carb. Version then you will get Disc – 130/70-17 M/C 62P Tubeless & same as the FI Version that will provide you 130/70-17 M/C 62P Tubeless.
  3. In power section, if you go for FI version then you will get Max power 16.8 PS @8000 rpm(12.35 kW @ 8000 rpm). But the other two Carb. variant, you will get 16.5 PS @8000 rpm(12.14 kW @ 8000 rpm).
  4. In the fully new type of digital metering console, you will get one more extra feature in all FI version that is gear shift indicator, but the other two version you would not found this type of feature.
  5. The Kerb Weight of the Single disc. version is 143 kgs, where the Double disc. version is 145 kgs & the FI version is 147 kgs.
  6. FI version gives you extra 4 to 5 km per Liter mileage as compare to other two Carburetor version.

The rear tyre is little bit small in the single disc carb. section that may be a little bit differ in breaking system & handling the bike for control. But the other two version you will get the widest rear tyre. In the power section the FI 16.8 version as compare to Carb. 16.5 PS version is one step better but you would not fill the too much difference in speed. But if you want to get a powerful head lamp then AHO 12V, 60/55W H4 bulb in FI version is more powerful then 35/35W HS1 bulb at Carb. variant.

So, if you have a tight budget then i would must say that go for Double disc. Carburetor version. But in case no matter on budget then go for FI version that gives you more features related to Carburetor version if you pay some extra money. And the main thing is FI version gives you extra 4 to 5 km per Liter mileage as compare to other two Carburetor version.

The bikes comes with no ABS system, but into the digital miter console have a ABS icon that is inactive yet, so that means when TVS will released the updated or next version of that bike in 2019 then hopefully all the Apache comes with ABS system & hope then you have a option to set the ABS system in additionally in your bike that would be better for rider security purpose.

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Prices (Approx) : (Price may vary in different cities)

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V EFI-Front/Rear Disc :                     Rs. 1,17,000/- (On Road)

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Carb-Front/Rear Double Disc :       Rs. 1,09,000/- (On Road)

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Carb-Front Single Disc :                 Rs. 1,04,000/- (On Road)

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