What happens after death? Know the full truth in detail…

This life is a special gift given by God. In this earth, from small creatures to large animals & the most sensible discreet human being is born. The soul lives inside all these creatures. So what is the size of the soul? According to Bhagvad Gita, the most smallest hair of the head is one part of 10000 part of the size of the soul.

From birth to death we learn a lot in this world. When we are child, we grow up day to day in the canopy of our parents. Gradually we take our education at the school, then the college & after that in the university. After that we probably do some professional courses. With the completion of his own education, the doctor & engineer is employed in his own profession. Everyone earns money in their own area, to bring run their family. Likewise, he/she falls into the delusion of the happiness & misery of life. To stay alive we keep struggling every day to be alive. We do marry & then take a child & after that we all worry about his/her future. But we forget the greatest truth in life. Which is called death. We can forget that death can ever happen to us. Whether a child or a young man or a old person.

So let’s know what happens after death?

Our body is called ‘Brahma’, which is a part of the ultimate brahma (The Supreme God). Our body is called a gross body (Sthul Sarir), which is made of five elements such as water, fire, wind, sky & soil. After death, all these five elements merge into the environment. There is a ‘Subtle’ body (Sushma Sarir) inside the gross body. When someone dies, his/her subtle body goes away from the gross body. The soul which is the light of god, subtle body keeps the soul inside & goes away from that gross body. According to the work deeds of the dead person, the subtle body goes to the other world. According to the person’s ‘karma’, subtle body receives heaven & hell. If subtle body received ‘Paradise Lok’ (Heaven), then subtle body will have to be born in the form of any Goddess or God in ‘High Joni’ (High Vagina). If the dead person is doing bad work in his/her entire life, then his/her subtle body gets hell world. Where subtle body has to suffer. According to the good deeds of a person, the subtle body gets the heaven, where the subtle body is born as Goddess or God. Subtle body enjoys pleasures in the form of god in heaven as per goods deed of the gross body died person in his/her entire life period. And the soul that is present inside the subtle body, is not born or dies ever, nor can burn the fire, & nor can the water wet it. The subtle body whatever it deeds in the form of god or demon in the heaven or hell, the work (Karma) deeds either its good or bad work is not recorded in those world.

After enjoy in the pleasure of heaven or sorrow & pain in the hell world, the subtle body again back to the earth (The dead world) & born as a form of human. And after that again the accounting of ‘Karma’ (work deed) has start in his/her entire life.

It does not happen that once the subtle body is found in human form, then every time it will get human form. According to the Bhagvad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna has said that in his/her life time, a person who loves his most beloved one like any animals, his/her relatives, wife, husband, friends, then he/she will be born in that ‘Joni’ (Vagina) in his/her next born to earth.

So, is there any way present that no soul should be born again?

Lord Shri Krishna have said that if any person takes my name from their heart in the time of death, then he/she will received my ultimate glory & will remain forever in my stages.

So keep it in your mind that you always should take God’s name in the mind at all times & do any work by adding the name of god to your entire life as well as do the good karma & help to other’s who needs help from you.

If no one will remain with you, when your body will not accompany you, you will not have the power to see, hear & walk, in those time don’t worry about it. Only think of mine from your heart & chant this maha mantra,





If any person does bad things to his life, then he/she gets bad result according to his/her karma. But any animal hunt an another animal or even any human, then the animal not get any bad result according to his/her works (Karma). Because human is very conscious & known to deciding which is right & wrong. But the animal can not do all that.

When a person died after that his/her soul present in his own house from that day to next 11th days. After that the 14th of day, journey of a soul is started towards ‘Yum Lok’. The journey will be end to the yum lok after 348 days. As per ‘Garur Puran’, the distance of the ‘Yum Lok’ from the earth is 1050000 km. The soul (Subtle Body) cross the journey of 3000 km. in each day for reaching ‘Yum Lok’ within 348 days to arrive.

Subtle soul cross the 16th station to reach ‘Yum Lok’. When a person died then at this time he/she suffered a lot of pain to leave his/her body, as compare to 40000th of scorpion sting at the same time & same place. The person seen every thing to his entire life within 5 minutes before his/her death as a fast forward mode. Those person who doing good work in his/her entire life, he/she can go directly to ‘Yum Lok’ with the help of ‘Bishnu Rath’ (Chariot). Where two ‘Dev Duth’ have come to received him/her subtle soul’s. But those who doing bad work entire his/her whole life, he/she must go from 13th day from his/her death as long as journey of 1050000 km within 348 days to reach ‘Yum Lok’.


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