What symptoms are seen in the Nipah Virus? How to deal with it?

Nipah Virus has killed 10 people in kerala (INDIA) yet. This lethal virus has already been provoked in the state of West Bengal, India. In the year 2001 at Siliguri, India, in 2007, 50 people died in Nadia district, state of west bengal ,India. In Bangladesh every year many people die from this virus.

This is a kind of ZOONOSIS, which harm both human & animals.


The main carrier is fruit bats.


Malaysia. The first virus in Malaysia was discovered in 1998-99. The disease is first diagnosed among pigs. At that time more then 100 people died in Singapore and Malaysia. The death rate in Malaysia’s Nipah village is the highest due to this virus. So according to the name of this village, the virus has been named.

In 2001, 66 people ware attacked in Siliguri (INDIA) by this virus, of these, again 45 people died, one of them was doctor.

In april, 2007, 4 people of the same family died due to this virus. A blood collector died to collect the patient’s blood.

The death percentage was 68% at Siliguri and 100% at Nadia district,India.

Recently at Kozhikode at Kerala, India, 10 people were killed in several areas including Malappuram.

How to spread?

Any fruit if eaten that comes in contact with the bats or contact with affected person.

This disease can spread from infected pigs and bats too.

The virus spreads rapidly to the body after 7 to 14 days of infection.

Spread through air and sputum.


Inflammation of the fever, Severe headache, Breathing difficulties, Nausea, Calf muscle pain, get involved, face muscles shrink.

If the fever increases then begin to blurt.

The memory would be lost.

The infected people behave like a disease of epilepsy.

Signs of encephalitis are seen.

At the end, the patient goes to the coma.

Medical treatment:

This disease has no medicines or antidote.

The only symptom in symptomatic based treatment.

In the ICU with the ventilator, the patient has to be treated.

One or two doctors have claimed that they succeeded by applying an anti viral tablet named ‘Riva Virin‘.


Do not come in contact with bats and pigs.

Never eat these two animal meat.

Do not eat any fruit thumping of the bats.

An infected person should be treated with isolation.


After a long wait, Nipah virus antidote has come in INDIA. The name of the medicine is called “Gelsemium 200”.


Check this fact before taken this medicine.

Consult an experienced doctor before taken this medicine.

Consult an experienced person to prove the fact that this medicine will really work.

Collect all the information about the companies who provide this medicine.

We only shared information about this for the benefit of the people who suffered from this virus. But before collecting this medicine, verify all the information about it first.

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