What things need to be taken care of before marriage ?

It is always seen that after one or two years of marriage, there is tension in the relationship. Whether you are a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

In love marriage, the boy & the girl married knowing each other well, but marriage means 24 hours of each day have to live with each other. There are no few moments of every day.

And who does live-together before, in that case after marriage, the quarrel is mostly seen in their life. Because in live-together, both does everything that every boy’s & girl’s dream surrounding their married life & future. And it is seen gradually that both of them seen to lose less attention on each other.

So, we will tell today that what things need to be taken care of before marriage ?

1) A lot of promises are made before in love marriage, which is very difficult to actually play. So, always tell the truth to your partner about yourself, about your status regarding your family, about your family. It is necessary before marriage.

2) Similarly, in the case of arrange marriage, the boy & the girl will not hide any of their past before marriage. Show your status as accurately. If the boy & the girl sit in front of each other, then it is very good to arrange before marriage. Both of them can discus about their likes & dislikes, which is very good before marriage.

3) Arrange marriage set according to your class, do not marry yourself in a higher family. Otherwise, in future, the girl has to listen a lot in the matter. Nor should you marry in the class bellow yourself, should always marry in equality.

4) Do not marry anybody by looking at the beautiful looks, always looks the inner beauty of him/her. All the life that will accompany you & really love you for ever.

5) Do not give attention to the earning of the boy & the girl before marriage on arrange marriage, focus on his/her character. Ask the neighbors about how the boy or girl is of the nature.

6) Make a decision before boy & girl in a relationship that what kind of life partner should both needs. But it is necessary to get permission from the elders of the both families in this circumstances.

7) Do not give much attention to earning, money can earn later also. But one things keep in mind that more money means a lot of bad habits will come with him/her. If both the boy & girl work before the marriage, then talk to each other before relationship. Because in future, there will be no IGO problem due to the earning of both of them as well as in case of both working in different fields or business.

8) We will request the boy & the girl’s family that no one will give dowry & do not take it. Because marriage is a relationship where there are two lives at one, combines two families, but when it comes to money issue, everything goes away. So, keep this in mind always.

Money is needed in life but not more then life & relationships. You can also earn money in the matter but the relation, it takes a lot of time to strengthen, takes a lot of time to build trust.

One thing to think about whom you will earn money ?

If the family relationship is not strong then what will you do by earning money? So you will definitely consider my things.

At last, we would say one things to all of you that make a decision to marry of your thoughts, not listening to anyone.

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