What will you do on the Snake bite? In those circumstances where there is no option for treatment at all

India is a snake country. Wherever most of the snake are found in the would. You may also have seen some poisonous snakes. There is no fear for those who live in cities. But most of the snakes are found in the village and the mountainous areas. In village areas, snakes also enter into the houses.

So what if a snake bites you in such circumstances?

Most people do not have this information. Because of which the people dies.

If the hospital is nearby then ok, if not, then what will you do?

In this, if you have the right information and you work smartly then you can save your life as well as life of others.

So what to do with snake bite? By which you can save your life.

And the truth is that there is a simple and cheapest solution has present. And for this you will not need to go to the hospital.

A total of 550 types of snakes are found in India. There are only 15 species which are poisonous. Whose bite takes life the human beings.

The rest of the species has little bit poisonous, but for the bite of their does not kill any person. Only swelling, unconsciousness, vomit, burning sensation will be happens after bite. But later it gets all right. But this is the 15 species of snakes, the bite of those is sure to death occurred.

But we tell you one thing that most people do not die from the poison of snakes, rather then fear of snake bites.

Bites of snakes always make people nervous and that’s why people gets heart attack, which causes death. While there was no poison in it. Therefore, there is no need to panic on snake bites.

India’s most poisonous snake is Cobra. It is impossible to save life on the bite of cobra.

But today we tell you how to save the life of yourself and others on snake bites? Whether it be cobra.

So, never be afraid to snake bite or do not shout, cry, not more movement at the bites of snakes. By doing this the blood pressure of the sufferer will continue to grow, by which it will start spreading quickly in the body, and death will be quick.

No one ever die quickly after bites on snakes. When the poison spreads throughout the body then only dies. So it takes at least 3 hours for the poison to spread throughout the body. So you have gets at least 3 hours to save your or others life. And in this 3 hours you have to do the right treatment. In this circumstances, if there has no option to admit in a hospital or not possible to reach any hospital during this time period, so do not panic at all. 

Immediately tied one or two places by any cloth just upper position from the affected place where snake bite or apply a pressure bandage. Thereby, blood circulation in that place will stop. And the victim will get more time.

Poison should never be sucked out by mouth sucking. It can also cause death of others.

Take an empty new injection syringe, cut the part of the syringe where the needle putted on it. Put the front of the cutting face into where the snakes bite occurred & then sucking it with the help of syringe. There the injection syringe will do act as vacuum. By doing this process, poison will come out of it.

In this situation, try to remove the poison from the body. And to remove the poison, the place where the snake is bites, immediately cut by the blade. By doing this process, poison will come out of it. But we don’t recommended this process because of this cuts may blood flow completely and may result in loss of the affected limb.  

Do not wash the snake bite area, do not apply a cold water or ice on the area of bite.

And the last but more effective process is that always keep a medicine called ‘NAJA TRIPUDIANS 200’ 5ml bottle you can buy at a least amount of Rs. 5 to Rs. 10/- getting from any homeopathy medicine shop & keep in a safe place out of the reach from the children. But very carefully used this medicine when any snakes bites is occurs. This bottle contains 5ml that’s safe life of more then 100 people.

Process to take this medicine:

(Consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine)

Given only one drop to the victim.

Then given another one drop after 10 minutes to the victim.

After that given again one drop after 10 minutes to the victim.

(Used only three drops, each drop taken after 10 minutes of interval)

Not used more then three drops from the bottle. Basically, this medicine is a poison which is made by poison of snake from the world most poisonous snake called ‘Black Mamba’ that not found in India, but the bites of this snakes only have 15 minutes remain to alive of the victim to save their life. After 15 minutes if not given antidote of this particular snake to the victim, then not left any option to save their life. A single drop of poison of that snakes can be able to take 1000 life’s of human beings.

So, very careful before taken the medicine, but it is not a raw poison, it is a diluted form.


Call medical help immediately if possible.

If possible arrange for transport to the nearest hospital emergency room where available anti-venom for snakes.

All the above process will be done, when you have to no any option for going to the hospital or Doctor. And in this circumstances, victim has going to die & you have helpless as well as there are not too much time on your hand to survive the victim.

Known first that which type of snake bite. Is it is poisonous or not. Then first try to go hospital to take the snake who bites with the victim (if possible) otherwise take a photo of the snake, that will be better for treatment to the doctor to give a proper anti-venom of that particular species of snake.

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